Easter Happenings Part 2.

After driving over the river and through the woods we arrived at a location with breathtaking views.  Every time I drive to Aimee’s I think, “How in the WORLD do they live with this DRIVE every single time they come to post?!?!”

And then when I arrive I see this and the drive is forgotten:

As Aimee says, it never gets old.

Remember me mentioning that I had dyed eggs a new way?  I am really pleased with how well they turned out!!  Next year I’m going to try purple, too.

Christy had organized an egg hunt for the kids, one for the bigs and one for the littles.

They really had fun with that even though they’re BIG now!  Bailey even found the golden egg which had $10 in it!

While I took pictures of the bigs finding their eggs, Kelly was down at the porch snapping pictures of Parker.  I can’t wait to get the pictures she took!  For now, I stole a few off of Aimee’s FB page.  Here’s a few pictures of the view I had up in the back yard:


After the egg hunt Parker wanted to go up to the back yard where the bigs had hunted for their eggs.  I let him and before long we noticed he had gone beyond the fence!  Kelly ran and saved him, I ran after her, while Aimee snapped pictures of the whole affair!  It was quite humorous!

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