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Active rest.

After two blog posts on rest and three months of practicing it, I want to share one little insight. ~ Rest is not passive. In fact, I have had less time to blog during this season of rest but it’s … Continue reading

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When life gets too busy, I keep this word in mind:  Simplify: 1. make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand Synonym : make simple/simpler, make easy/easier to understand, make plainer, clarify, make more comprehensible/intelligible, Yesterday I shared a … Continue reading

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Happy 2014!!

Sure, I’m a few days late in wishing you a Happy New Year, but I am of the opinion that well wishes are better late than never! So, with the wishes out of the way, I’ll share with you what’s … Continue reading

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Fall is (sort of) coming!!

It’s September!  I am beyond thrilled to see fall come this year, for many reasons.  The first reason is that the fall and winter seasons are my favorites and they’re just around the corner.  I say that fall is sort of coming … Continue reading

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Giving it away…

We are excited to be in the middle of purging many of our things. We have an entire section of our garage dedicated to things we are giving away. I found a children’s home nearby that accepts women and their … Continue reading

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When half is still a LOT!

Half of a marathon is a LOT of miles!  13.1 to be precise. A few weeks ago Matt ran his first half-marathon and our family was VERY proud of him! Stats: Time: 1:51:18 Pace:8:29/min

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Disentangling my thoughts…

The book I’m currently reading is called, “Platform” by Michael Hyatt.  Several days ago I underlined a few sentences that really stood out to me and those sentences were brought to mind a few minutes ago by a Facebook conversation … Continue reading

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Crashing into hurdles…

Hurdles are there. Whether we want them to be or not, they are there. We can ignore them and crash right into them or train hard and learn to jump over them. Sure, training is hard, produces sweat, and requires … Continue reading

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On-The-Go – an iPhone tip

I’m partially embarrassed to share this tip with you because a few die-hard iPhone/iPod lovers out there will question my Apple-loyalty since I’m so late in learning about this feature. So be it.  I will sacrifice my coolness in hopes … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution – 2013

We’re almost a quarter of the way through 2013 and I’m just now getting around to sharing what my resolution is… time is flying.  Many people knock New Year’s Resolutions but I, for one, actually enjoy them.  I have set … Continue reading

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