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A good cry…

I just spent a hour in the basement crying over school work. I am not a super sentimental homeschooling mama and we don’t do arts and crafts, so what I kept over the 13 years of Hayden’s educational career was … Continue reading

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January 2020 Memories

Every now and then it’s good to journal about the everyday goings-on that don’t necessarily deserve a whole blog post. That’s what this entry is.  Car repairs/exercise/and adult conversation: Our Town and Country needed work and the dealership is just … Continue reading

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Surprise Orders!

If you’re military you know what that means! It means that while we were under the impression we’d be here until June 2021, God knew otherwise. 10 days ago Matt received a phone call that would take our well-laid out … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Hack

I come from a place where we don’t battle rainy days. We let them win. We cancel outdoor plans or have a back-up activity. If things are still wet from a previous rain, we steer clear of outside activities until … Continue reading

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