March 2022 Look Back

Anna is learning to write: Can you tell what she wrote? This sign says “I love you Mommy because you’re the best.”

Cupcakes: I thought these turned out so cute!

Money! The bigs work(ed) at the commissary for tips. I save their cash until they have earned $500 and then I take it to the post office and buy a money order for easy digital depositing. (USAA has no physical branches to deposit cash.)

Girl dates are so fun! This time Melissa and I tried several kinds of pies from Four and Twenty Blackbirds, then took Citibikes from 4th/9th to Prospect Park.

Violin: Anna was given the opportunity to take violin lessons at school this year. Is this not the cutest violin you’ve ever seen??

Anna’s hair: When she’s staying home, sometimes Anna does her own hair, most of the time I do it. She’s getting pretty good.

I did this style…

Leprechaun Day (and a discussion about starting afterschool care). Several of Anna’s friends get off the bus at the CYS building where Anna used to attend preschool. She started asking me if she could go to afterschool with them and at first, I brushed it off. I don’t work, after all! But she kept asking and I couldn’t think of a really good reason to say no. We looked into it and she was able to get in. She was ready that day but didn’t get to start for about a week. I’d say that was the longest week of Anna’s life! (And as I’m writing this on 9-2-22 I can let you know that Anna absolutely LOVED being in afterschool care. She’d sometimes get home and ask if one of her school friends could come over right then! She loves people so much! She ended up doing five weeks of Full-day summer camp at that location and is registered for Afterschool for her first-grade year.)

While they were giving us a tour Anna spotted herself on the Dramatic Play center from her old preschool room.

Third Hand: Anna cracked me up… she heard the clock ticking but noticed there wasn’t a hand moving with the pace of the tick. I told her that it was counting the seconds but there isn’t a second hand on our clock. She got really confused and said, “Yes there is. There’s a first hand and a second hand but no third hand.” Well, she’s not wrong, I guess.

Technically there is a first hand and a second hand… and the hand that is missing is the third hand.

Written on 9-2-22 and backdated to 3-30-22.

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