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Our first week in NYC!

We hit the ground running. Our household goods were ready for us the day before we flew and the next available date for us to receive them was July 16th – exactly one week after we flew. That was perfect … Continue reading

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Leavin’ on an Airbus 330…

Leaving Germany was so weird this time. There were very few farewells, almost no hugs goodbye. There were people I wanted to visit with one last time but with social distancing in effect I couldn’t. Our bigs were able to … Continue reading

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One last trip – Amsterdam: 2020

I desperately wanted to take our kids to both The Netherlands and Poland: I got half of my wish granted as we were able to make it to see Amsterdam one last time. Our main purpose in visiting was to … Continue reading

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Grace, Justice, & Mercy

Bryan Stevenson is one of this nation’s most influential public interest lawyers and the Founder & Director of the Equal Justice Initiative. For over 30 years, Stevenson has dedicated his life to help release those wrongly condemned on death row. He has also successfully advocated to eliminate the prosecution of children as adults. Leading the charge for a renewed conversation about racism in the US by connecting contemporary injustices with slavery, lynching, and segregation, Stevenson is the bestselling author of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. Continue reading

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Your intent does not determine your impact. Continue reading

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This is Us and Why We Should Celebrate Black History Month

“I can recall a time on set when I started crying listening to an actor portray a racist grandmother toward my character. The director and writers told me that they didn’t need me to cry for the scene. However, it was hard for me not to cry as I witnessed what I had just learned was my reality. I wasn’t acting, I was crying for me. Can you imagine having to explain to a room full of white people why I couldn’t hold back my real tears while experiencing the pain of racism? I can.”

Lonnie Chavis Continue reading

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