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Strawberry Picking – 2018

One thing I love about where we live is our proximity to beauty. We can walk out the back gate and access tree-covered trails or fields with various plants growing. One of the fields has strawberries that you can pick … Continue reading

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Missing TEXAS? Naw….

Brutal honesty. I was ready to leave Texas behind. The heat; the vast expanses of nothingness; the flatness; the lack of green… Four and a half years in a location not of my choosing was long enough. At least that’s … Continue reading

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A Hotel Adventure for Anna

Because the hotel can get a bit old for Anna we try to let her get out of the room and lead us on an adventure at least once a day. This is the time where SHE gets to pick … Continue reading

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Life in the Panzer Hotel

In my last post I shared about the house we are going to be moving into. We really are excited to move into it and start our new life there. In fact, we were out at Kelley for a little … Continue reading

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Our second Germany house…

I call it a “Germany” house rather than a “German” house because these quarters in no way resemble German houses. They are quite sterile and prison-like on the exterior but they are as homey as you want them to be … Continue reading

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Our first week back in Germany…

 The last post, Up, up, and AWAY!, shared the journey from Nana’s house to boots-on-the-ground in Germany. I pick up just 15 minutes after the wheels hit German soil: We left the plane and began the process of collecting all … Continue reading

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Montgomery, Alabama to Belmont, NC

On the morning of the 19th we woke up in Montgomery, Alabama. Because of our studies the past two years on the deep, rich history of black Americans, we haven’t spent an inordinate amount of time on either Dr. Martin … Continue reading

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This is not going to be an exhaustive farewell-to-Fort-Hood Post simply because I don’t have time.  In fact, we originally planned to be pulling away from here at this precise moment (6:45 am) but yesterday went nothing as planned and … Continue reading

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Farewell ChapelNext – Ft. Hood

Today (Sunday) was our last day at ChapelNext Fort Hood. We’ve been there since our first Sunday here in June 2013. We sat with the Holsinger Family and that was our “spot” the entire time we were at Fort Hood. … Continue reading

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Lifegiver Military Spouse Podcast – Corie Weathers

There was this time I sat at home and streamed a pretty cool event on my computer and watched a very special friend of mine become the 2015 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. It was a SUPER … Continue reading

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