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Finding Home.

They say it takes six months to feel at home at your new duty station… I have always found that to be true and it was the case here at Fort Hamilton. By six months we had our favorite pizza … Continue reading

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Back to School… but not the way you’re thinking!

15 years I’ve been a homeschooling mom and I’ve loved every single year. I find it hard to believe I’ve graduated two kids from our homeschool. I never intended to do that but planned fully to go back to the … Continue reading

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Pool Buddies

Going to the pool is fun, but always more fun when you get to go with your friends. These girls are adorable in the pool and I get as much joy watching them walk to and from as I do … Continue reading

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Hawaii – Part 2

Solitude is hard to come by in a house with seven people, especially during a pandemic. We even converted a hall closet to a mini-office/reading nook. It has come in handy on a regular basis. One of my main goals … Continue reading

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Hawaii – Part 1

Hawaii really surprised me. I have seen the pictures and movies and assumed that the magic of film make it look incredible, but from the moment we landed I was blown away by the beauty. On the way to Hawaii … Continue reading

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Visits do the heart good.

A year ago we were in the early days of our Germany-quarantine. We were still doing a daily-count, thinking the quarantine would be short enough to document in two-digit numbers. Boy, were we wrong! Very glad to see that things … Continue reading

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Apple Picking and Pumpkin Finding.

Our trip to the Catskills was wonderful and the grand finale was a stop on the way home to pick apples. Traditions are important to a person’s sense of belonging and military kids have many of the typical traditions stripped … Continue reading

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Finding Fall – 2020 style

Finding trees changing color is always my top priority in September and October. Fall is my favorite time of year for a variety of reasons: the smells, the colors, the foods, the temperatures! We’ve lived in a variety off climates, … Continue reading

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September has come and gone

Sept 3 – Anna came to me incredibly excited because she realized she had a Little People “Zuri” – the character from Vashti Harrison’s book, Hair Love. Sept 4 – We found a pediatric dentist that we love and she … Continue reading

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First Guest in NYC!

It all started with a surprise for Carson… Grace flew in to visit for the weekend! SO. MUCH. FUN! (And so hard to keep a secret!) Saturday we hit the ground running, masks and all, but Friday night we stayed … Continue reading

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