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Connor’s 2!!!

While I wish we could celebrate Connor’s birthday with him on his birthday, I’m thankful we get to go see him a month from now.  In his honor, here are some pictures from the past two years.  The very last … Continue reading

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Doritos and Dirt

Spring has arrived which means a lot of outside time and cooking on the grill.  Sometimes that also means that Doritos are our side dish instead of steamed broccoli.  Have you ever seen what a 2 year old can do … Continue reading

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WI Easter Market

Sunday I took a trip to Wiesbaden’s Easter Market with Aimee and Kayla.  Before we hit the Easter part of the market we stopped at the fabric market.  There were so many interesting materials in every color and pattern imaginable. … Continue reading

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Ear Trauma

Being a kid is a dangerous job.  While playing at the park the other day Hayden got his head bashed into a metal pole.  This was one of the hardest knocks he has had since the “busted forehead” incident at … Continue reading

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The Bigs at the Park

It’s so much easier to take pictures of Parker than the bigs.  I wrote yesterday about Parker’s new love of exploring and, while he was on the move, I was still easily able to keep up with him and take … Continue reading

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Parker and a bug

With the spring weather has come a new stage of life for Parker.  He’s cracked out of his baby shell and entered toddlerhood.  Proof is in the pictures below, which I took at the playground where wanted to get out of … Continue reading

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First Flower from Parker

Little boys know from a young age that flowers warm a mommy’s heart.  We were outside playing on the toddler playground behind my house when Parker and Bailey took a walk through the grass.  The found a tiny patch of … Continue reading

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Backpack Cooler Poll.

I am trying to figure out which backpack cooler is best for my family.  Outside opinions are welcome!  The images are followed by a link that describes them in full. Quatro Backpack Cooler ———————————————————— PolarBear Backpack Cooler ———————————————————— Backpack Cooler with … Continue reading

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It’s a Schwinn-win situation.

I’m constantly surprised by what God does for me.  I think I’m surprised by the fact that He still surprises me.  The van situation a few months ago was a biggie and I’m still really enjoying the Silver Surfer.  One … Continue reading

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Parker and Bunches

During Bailey’s and Parker’s party the other night we took the kids to the park to play.  The babies were as excited to be running around as the bigs!  One of Parker’s friend, with the adorable nickname, “Bunches,” stole my … Continue reading

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