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Our 21st Anniversary

I do not have the perfect marriage. I am NOT the perfect wife. Matt is not the perfect husband. Fortunately, perfection is not the goal! What we have going for us is that we are agreed that Christ is the … Continue reading

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20th in Venice – Matt’s Thoughts

Matt’s turn to talk! He took some fun pictures on our trip and they brought up all sorts of new memories from the trip. I loved going back through our trip seeing things from his perspective. So, without any more … Continue reading

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20th in Venice – Day 5

A dream activity of mine was to take sunrise photos at St. Marks. Nothing was holding me back other other than the desire to sleep, but knowing this was my last opportunity gave me the push I needed to set … Continue reading

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20th in Venice – Day 4

Our last full day in Venice was totally unscheduled and unplanned.  We woke up and decided that we really would regret not going inside St. Mark’s Cathedral and, that while we were at it, we may as well go up … Continue reading

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20th in Venice – Day 3

Venice is incredibly photogenic. Everywhere you turn you find a fascinating scene. On this date we were out to find the Banksy, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Just three weeks before our trip a cruise ship had crashed into … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2019

You’ll never guess where I am right now? It’s Friday at 10:45 am, the day after Valentine’s Day. I’m in a hotel room alone, writing my third blog post of the day, having spent the night alone. Alone. And that … Continue reading

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Missing TEXAS? Naw….

Brutal honesty. I was ready to leave Texas behind. The heat; the vast expanses of nothingness; the flatness; the lack of green… Four and a half years in a location not of my choosing was long enough. At least that’s … Continue reading

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Welcome Anna Madeline!!

Our adoption journey has definitely hit a milestone: our little girl was born today! I have been awake for 36 hours now and I have a night with a baby girl ahead of me so I bet this will be … Continue reading

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Until You…

My sweet love took me on a date last Friday night to Austin.  Not just any date, though.  This was a date Matt had been looking forward to for quite some time. See, my love is a musician.  He is … Continue reading

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I always knew he was distinguished… (continued)

The next day was Homecoming at Gardner-Webb. We arrived at the Tucker Center (GORGEOUS NEW BUILDING!!) for a brunch given in honor of the Distinguished Alumni of 2014. The presentation of the award was a very sweet gesture and we … Continue reading

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