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Hawaii – Part 2

Solitude is hard to come by in a house with seven people, especially during a pandemic. We even converted a hall closet to a mini-office/reading nook. It has come in handy on a regular basis. One of my main goals … Continue reading

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Health Journey

I have been pretty private about my journey over the past few months because I’ve done it before. I’ve lost weight before. I’ve blogged the journey before. I’ve read the books, hired the trainer (she was amazing… it was horrible). … Continue reading

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Museums, Zoos, and Turkish Coffee

Those are only related in that we experienced all of those things in March! Seasons passes are the way to go and we have zero regrets in the purchasing of them. American Museum of Natural History We got off the … Continue reading

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Quarantine: Days 1 & 2

Thankfully we’re healthy as of this writing, but we are self-isolating. We had big plans with good friends this weekend but they were canceled. Our kids had some fun alternate plans scheduled but we (as a family, though not unanimously) … Continue reading

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Running in Stuttgart

I took a few months off running in order to get my weight under control (sounds counter-intuitive, but apparently it was what was needed). I wanted to start back up in March and then Bailey broke his arm, followed by … Continue reading

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I can’t sing.

That isn’t me being modest. I really can’t sing. I admit here and now that I have, my whole life, taken for granted that I could sing. I come from a family of amazingly talented singers and, while I’ve never … Continue reading

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That Crazy Wrap Thing

This particular post is very exciting for me!  I’ve never had a guest author so today marks a first for me! Christy has done such a good job of introducing herself in the following post that I really don’t have … Continue reading

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When half is still a LOT!

Half of a marathon is a LOT of miles!  13.1 to be precise. A few weeks ago Matt ran his first half-marathon and our family was VERY proud of him! Stats: Time: 1:51:18 Pace:8:29/min

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Made to Crave: 25 (RESULTS!)

Today I met with my trainer for her to take my official measurements.  I was a little nervous, afraid that there wouldn’t be much of difference between then and now.  As I shared this with her she said that the … Continue reading

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A bunch of turkeys…

This morning I ran my third race. My first was a 5K, the second was a 10K, and today I did another 10. Even up to an hour before the race I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run, as … Continue reading

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