A new kind of dyed Easter Eggs.

Preparing for the Easter weekend has been fun. Yesterday, before we started our shortened school day we read a few chapters from John about the last few days of Jesus’ life. There were a few sentences that seemed new to me, even though I’ve read them hundreds of times… I love that about the Bible.  The boys were captivated by the words and their imaginations worked in overtime picturing the events I was reading.

Their knowledge of the scriptures has increased over the years as they have studied in AWANA, Rangers, and listened to sermons, lessons, and Adventures in Odyssey.  Each boy raised his hand to add in thoughts and comments regarding the subject and I was thankful that they grasped what this weekend represents to us.

After our devotion we dyed three dozen eggs. We were happy to have found a cute kit that had sports decorations and stickers.  They talked amongst themselves about the people they’ve dyed eggs with in the past: Grammy for several years and Nathan last year.

I don’t usually do much as far as Easter treats go, as I truly want their focus to be on Christ and His sacrifice.  Because of our great discussion that morning, and the fact that one of them even said, “Easter isn’t about chocolates and baskets,” I actually got them a little more this year than I have in recent years.  I went practical. Instead of baskets, I got boxes that they can reuse. I bought each of the bigs his own roll of packing tape and scotch tape, as well as a Sharpie.  And, of course, a little candy to go inside some cute plastic eggs. I’m really excited about putting them together!

Before I went to bed I noticed something really cute on a friend’s Facebook page.  I asked her for the instructions (thanks, Lisa!) and today I set about working on the most colorful deviled eggs I’ve ever seen!

I’ll be filling them with the good stuff tomorrow and will be sure to share a “finished product” picture of both the deviled eggs and the boys’ Easter “Baskets” next week.

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