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There’s nothing like the time we celebrate what makes our “religion” a “relationship.” What makes it different from all others.  This is the season we celebrate that the grave could not hold Jesus.  What hope that…

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New Year’s Resolution – 2013

We’re almost a quarter of the way through 2013 and I’m just now getting around to sharing what my resolution is… time is flying.  Many people knock New Year’s Resolutions but I, for one, actually enjoy them.  I have set … Continue reading

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Are You Growing? Part 2 (Free book give-away!)

Monday I shared Part 1 of this series on growing.  I am passionate about this topic, and I literally get antsy when I have great information to share with others.  I once heard Beth Moore say, “You know you’re a … Continue reading

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Are You Growing? (Free Book Give-away!)

I recently shared all about 18 Minutes in a five-part series starting with 18 Minutes: Series Intro.  In between the time I first teased you about the book and when I shared my thoughts on it, I heard a podcast … Continue reading

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Build-A-Bear Tradition

At three years old each Hamrick boy gets to go Build-A-Bear.  The bigs each still have theirs, and we were so excited to watch Parker as he built his own.   I loved how intensely Parker was during the part … Continue reading

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Birthday Party!

Saturday we were able to celebrate Bailey’s 9th and Parker’s 3rd birthdays at home. Family from NC joined us as we sang happy birthday and opened presents.  Bailey has made some good friends in our neighborhood and they came as … Continue reading

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Celebrating Bailey in 2013

Bailey turns 9 today!  He is entering the last of his single-digit years.  12 months from now my three bigs will all be proud military ID owners.  We’re celebrating with a shortened day of school as most of the celebrations … Continue reading

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Parker has good manners

Okay, I know this video will earn me a “mean mom” title for laughing at my son, who is trying to learn good manners. I don’t care.  This was too funny not to share. We were trying to teach Parker … Continue reading

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Potty training: Part 4, take 3.

I enjoy parenting.  I love most aspects of it, good and bad.  I don’t necessarily like the emotional roller-coaster I go through the first two weeks after having a new baby, and I really don’t like the missed sleep that … Continue reading

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Parker’s THREE!

What a fun year this has been!  We have seen our little man become quite independent and his personality continue to grow.  He has a magnetic quality about him that draws even strangers in stores to notice him and smile. … Continue reading

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