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Happy New Year ~ 2019

We said farewell to 2018 (happily, I might add) with friends. The first half of the night we spent with two families (fourteen kids represented). At this party we ate lots of delicious foods, drank yummy cider, and then shot … Continue reading

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Other Christmas Fun ~ 2018

I shared a few days ago about the Christmas Markets that we enjoyed but we also did a few other really fun things. Tree-Up Day  – Hayden had to work but he was there later on to put decorations on the tree. … Continue reading

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Christmas Market Season, 2018

Christmas Markets are one of the aspects of Germany I missed the most while back in the states. We took advantage of the opportunity and saw just a handful this year. I believe had our kids been well, we would … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas ~ 2018

My mama taught me that if I can’t say something nice, I should say nothing at all. I’m having a hard time writing our 2018 Christmas letter… First draft will not be released… While every word of it was true, … Continue reading

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The Family Truckster Arrived!

I have spent the past two weeks tracking the Truckster as it traveled over the Atlantic. I researched and found a website that would give me the coordinates of the vessel as it traveled and I made a map for … Continue reading

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Halloween 2018

We don’t “celebrate” halloween but we do let the kids dress up and give/get candy. This year was fun because we joined the three other families in our stairwell for a chili dinner while we sat and handed out candy … Continue reading

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Public Transportation: Stuttgart

We have a great duty bus that runs in the area, allowing our kids the ability to get from our kaserne to any of the others for free. It’s pretty reliable and runs from early morning until evening, though I … Continue reading

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Meet, the Family Truckster!

Our family has grown by twelve! Seats, that is. After years of wanting a 12-seater van we are finally the proud owners of a blue Nissan NV 3500. This is my dream car. No. Really. There is no other car … Continue reading

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Hayden’s Senior Year and College Plans

I’m shocked to see myself type the word “college” in reference to my own child. I’m excited and proud, and, for good reason, relieved. I’m relieved because he’s decided to stay with us and knock out the first two years … Continue reading

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Bye, bye, Passy

It’s been our practice to take passys away from the baby at one-year-old. With most of the kids, that worked beautifully. With Parker, he started sucking his thumb as a result. He showed us! With Anna, there were a number … Continue reading

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