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Fall, 2018

Happy Fall! We are finally feeling at home and settled in. We have friends, a great ChapelNext Stuttgart Community, school is in full swing, and no one is injured or sick at the  moment. I was really looking forward to … Continue reading

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School year, 2018-2019

I’m sitting here writing this on a Sunday afternoon, and we have completed 10 days of school. This may have been my favorite start to a school year, ever. Things have gone smoothly and I’ve enjoyed my job so much! … Continue reading

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Potty training: Part 5

I have made it abundantly clear that potty training is my least favorite part of parenting. I just read through Parker’s potty training post… so precious! Now that Anna’s journey is largely complete, I can relax and enjoy the story … Continue reading

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A Teacher’s Summer

We finished school Friday, June 15th, just before Stephanie and Hannah came to visit. I use the word finish loosely. We got enough done to call it quits and not have too many regrets. Last year was our most challenging year ever. … Continue reading

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Sonlight Box Day 2018

This year’s box days is vastly different from years past because I only have one student receiving a box. We now have everything we need {for the most part} to homeschool the rest of the kids throughout. This is Hayden’s … Continue reading

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Such a cute little town. One of my friends posted a picture of herself there a month or so ago and I honestly thought she was in Amsterdam. I knew she wasn’t so when I asked her where she was, … Continue reading

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Summer 2018

This post is all over the place: from school to creeks to pools to commissary shopping with a toddler. It features our summer, up to this point. Teacher workdays: As soon as our guests left I got to work on … Continue reading

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Independence Day, 2018

We’ve never had a real tradition for the Fourth… we just sort of see what comes up and do that. In Texas we celebrated Independence day in five different places: in our temporary apartment in 2013, just weeks away from … Continue reading

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First Guests to Stuttgart… Pt. 4

Farewell for now… Stephanie and Hannah checked off and signed our Travel check list… Airport drop-off-farewells are the worst. Anna was already crying… On the way to the airport I pointed out the neat fields you see all over Germany. … Continue reading

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First Guests to Stuttgart… Pt. 3

After Paris we came home and rested for a few days. Some of the activities and pictures featured in Part 1 were from the down-days between Paris and our trip to Garmisch. Our bigs have very fond memories of Garmisch … Continue reading

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