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Looking for my big girl panties…

I’m from the south.  Where I’m from this means I’ve gotten news I don’t like but I’m going to be a big girl about it. There is no fun way to announce our big news, since it’s news we don’t … Continue reading

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Another big reveal…

It’s that time again!  Time to find out where we’re going next. I vividly remember the day in 2006 we found out we were going to Fort Carson.  We were here at Fort Jackson and Matt told me that the … Continue reading

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Kaputt knee

I am doing my best to be a patient patient as I wait for my knee to heal. Last Wednesday (the 16th of January) I was doing Insanity when I felt a pain in my knee that I’ve never felt … Continue reading

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Oh, how I’ve missed writing.  I’ve been doing the very things I set out to do in 2013, and we’ve been productive and happy, but I do miss writing every day! It has been a great month of transition, settling … Continue reading

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Getting settled in…

We have a goal/rule after each PCS:  To be done unpacking and decorating by the one-week mark. Matt and I agree that this move was much more difficult than all our others.  The unpacking and setting-up-house was much more taxing … Continue reading

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We tackled the beast…

No third party can get things done as quickly as an Army family itching to have their home in order. I worked feverishly this morning organizing spices and medicine cabinets while Matt met up with a very close friend from … Continue reading

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Still tired…

And not even half-way anymore. Yesterday when I mentioned being half-way done, I was referring to the unloading of all our goods… today we unpacked and unpacked and unpacked… and then the unpackers arrived and finished up.  But of course, … Continue reading

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So tired…

…and only half-way done. Yesterday and today our moving company delivered and unloaded three shipments. 1) stuff that has been in storage since October 2009; 2) stuff we shipped 14 November {this was our HHGs, or big shipment}); and 3) … Continue reading

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Absolutely surreal…

I learned something yesterday about Army chapels.  Apparently the Army has a few cookie cutters and they make most of their chapels out of those designs. Matt and I were involved in ChapelNext in Colorado which met in Veteran’s Chapel. … Continue reading

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The night before…

“Before what?” you might ask. The night before we get all our stuff! While the simplicity of having only a handful of belongings to care for and keep organized is nice for a while, there is much to be said … Continue reading

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