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Pumpkin Delights!

Super fast post because I’m off duty today.  By that, I mean I’m not supposed to be spending time on FB or emails or anywhere else but on my life. I’m having special guests tonight and Hayden and I’ve been … Continue reading

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I got mugged in the dressing room Saturday night.

And I have the swollen, tender eye to prove it.  And a scratch!  Don’t forget the scratch! (Don’t worry… I’m fine.) I sort of deserved it.  I was breaking the rules.  The fine store I was shopping in has a … Continue reading

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Christmas Ornament from PCS Stickers

“I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest.” Famous last words of any crafter… except this time I actually started and competed the project! It required some thinking-ahead, as in, while we were unloading our HHGs.* As things were unpacked, I … Continue reading

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I’m not alone in this…

I shared with you a few times this year that I’ve been having a tough time adjusting.  I’ll be sharing more on that over the course of the next few weeks, as I sort through some things. I specifically shared … Continue reading

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My grill has its own deck…

The posts earlier this week revealed that my parents have already made their way to Texas to visit.  I needed them to see just how hot it was here, so they hopped a plane and checked out Fort Hood… only … Continue reading

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My Back Yard Transformation

Many of you may not know that I’m the daughter of a very successful landscaper in Charlotte, NC.  He has owned and operated his own company for over 30 years and my brother, after college, returned to work as the … Continue reading

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Why I love having a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

I haven’t always had one of these on my door.  When my bigs were littles, we lived on  a very busy street and no one stopped by unannounced.  When they were littles, their playdates were scheduled. Once we moved to … Continue reading

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Living Room Peace

Our house was pretty much set up and decorated one week after we got our household goods with the exception of my living room’s “T.V. wall.”  I knew I wanted something on the wall over the television but what I had in … Continue reading

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Fall is (sort of) coming!!

It’s September!  I am beyond thrilled to see fall come this year, for many reasons.  The first reason is that the fall and winter seasons are my favorites and they’re just around the corner.  I say that fall is sort of coming … Continue reading

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