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Something had to give…

A few months ago I realized that I had, yet again, completed another cycle of weight-loss-weight-gain.  Over the years I’ve seen this happen multiple times, and the last time I lost weight I said to myself, “Self, (’cause that’s what … Continue reading

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Pesto Perfection

I have been making this pesto for a few years to go with Pesto Cavatappi, or the meal my family calls, “Shrek Noodles.”  A while ago I decided to try to make a double batch to see if it would … Continue reading

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I used to love it for an entirely different reason.  Now I love it because I get to sock away as much as possible for the things we WANT to do! I always hesitate to write about this stuff because … Continue reading

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Johannisnacht – Mainz

On the same day we picked strawberries we went to a fest in Mainz.  It was called the Johannisnacht , translated the St. John’s Night Festival.  It’s the festival that celebrates the shortest night of the year, and all people with … Continue reading

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Colorado Springs…

My heart is there.  I am going to make some really awesome North Carolinians mad when I say this, but when I find myself homesick I realize I’m more homesick for Colorado than NC.  Of course, NC will always be … Continue reading

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Parfait, bitte?

Parfait.  ORIGIN from the French adjective parfait, literally ‘perfect.’ Well, I do believe so! The bounty: The beauty: Why yes, these were as good as they look!  I actually ate mine as dinner!  (The top one was mine and I realized as I was eating … Continue reading

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Strawberry Picking – 2012

On our fridge we have a list of the top 10 things our family loves to do together.  Traditions that we find special and important.  One of those things is strawberry Picking.  It’s not that we love strawberries so much … Continue reading

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Just so you know, when the phone rings and I don’t know the number, I assume it’s a German telemarketer who knows no English.  I’ve been getting more and more calls like this over the past month and I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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This whole parenting thing is tough.  There are situations we find ourselves in that make us question whether we’re doing things right.  Because of that I’m grateful for the many books that have been written on the subject of parenting, … Continue reading

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Friday Night Movie Night, Summer Edition:

To start our weekly tradition, we had dinner as a family, then watched a movie.  Actually, today’s “movie” was an old episode of the A-Team which we borrowed from our on post library.  A couple of the boys went back … Continue reading

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