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Are we allergic to Texas?!?

And I’m not even referring to the heat, even though I’m almost convinced the sun was born here. Yesterday was a day. It started out rough with the boys interrupting an overseas video-chat I had with my friends who still … Continue reading

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Soccer 2013

How do I love soccer?  Let me count the ways… 1.  Exercise for the boys. 2.  Team spirit. 3.  Outside authority (my kids learn to listen to and respect “teachers” other than me). 4. Actually, I think those three are … Continue reading

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I might have to eat some crow.

Because I whined.  A little bit, anyway, OKAY.  I whined a lot.  About moving to Texas. Even though I wasn’t in the mood to hear about it, Texas-fans poured out their undying support for the state and the many great … Continue reading

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More from West Monroe

I wrote about  our surprise visit to the Duck Commander HQ before, but now I’ve had a chance to go through my DSLR to select a few more pictures. The boys said that stopping by this location was a highlight … Continue reading

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Chaplain Career Course Ball – 2013

Going back in time a bit, way back to when we lived in Columbia… Yet again I had the chance to dress up and walk beside my handsome soldier for another ball.  I am not a girly-girl so I’m actually … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Day Gift(s) – 2013

I fully understand that I’m a bit behind in posting about how great my Mother’s Day was. That’s okay because I’ve been celebrating for weeks and will continue to do so for years to come. Here’s the story… While we … Continue reading

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The Hamrick Family Social Experiment

Hi, Blogworld. Starting this post I’m a little nervous, actually. I’m afraid of my intentions being taken the wrong way. I’m really afraid of my new friends (the majority of whom I’ve only “met” on FaceBook or via the phone) … Continue reading

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Parker and some PCS fun

While our family was in the midst of packing up all that we have, Parker serenaded me with his ABC’s.  I understand that by showing this video to you, I am proving that I have not taught my three-year-old the … Continue reading

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More on meeting Dave Ramsey…

A week ago today we were as nervous as we could possibly be because we were about to meet Dave Ramsey.  We had the morning to kill since he doesn’t go on the air until 1:00 Central time so we … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day! (2013)

My husband deserves the highest honors today for the father he is to our four sons.  He is fully involved in raising them and has set out to teach each one of our boys to be respectful to others, especially … Continue reading

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