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October 2021 – Recap

I am becoming the queen of the recap… I haven’t been blogging as often as possible and yet I still want to capture these memories as I go! Recapping, it is. And I’m allowing grace for myself… Anna has no … Continue reading

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Finding Home.

They say it takes six months to feel at home at your new duty station… I have always found that to be true and it was the case here at Fort Hamilton. By six months we had our favorite pizza … Continue reading

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Three weeks in…

So, the kids have completed three weeks of school and the short version is, they’re doing great. In fact, we all are. I’ve wondered many times over the past 15 years if I’d have a crisis of identity when my … Continue reading

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First Day of School ~ 2021-2022

What a great morning. The kids woke up ready and eager for their day. Getting ready was a breeze and we walked the mile to school with little issue… other than the fact that their book bags were overfilled due … Continue reading

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Back to School… but not the way you’re thinking!

15 years I’ve been a homeschooling mom and I’ve loved every single year. I find it hard to believe I’ve graduated two kids from our homeschool. I never intended to do that but planned fully to go back to the … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous June 2021

As usual I have several things to share that don’t really warrant a post all on their own. I’m still working on my cupcakes and thought these turned out pretty cute: I have wanted a comfy spot to sit on … Continue reading

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Summer Church Fun

This summer we have had a blast at church. We’ve had birthday parties in parks, moving-up recognition for the kids, and Father’s Day with friends. But to start this post I want to share a bit about how we get … Continue reading

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Jane’s Carousel

From the moment we knew were moving to NYC I began dreaming of taking Anna to all of the local carousels. Jane’s is one of the most popular and it was, of course, closed for much of the first year … Continue reading

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Pool Buddies

Going to the pool is fun, but always more fun when you get to go with your friends. These girls are adorable in the pool and I get as much joy watching them walk to and from as I do … Continue reading

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Last day of school 2020-2021

Way back in June (I’m writing this in August) we wrapped up our school year with a fizzle, not a bang. The early part of 2021 beat the crap out of us and we all just kinda didn’t care too … Continue reading

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