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Not-so-full Disclosure

I have had a pretty full summer and writing has been the last thing on my mind. Actually, it has been on my mind, it’s simply been at the bottom of my priority list. I really do feel there will … Continue reading

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I can’t sing.

That isn’t me being modest. I really can’t sing. I admit here and now that I have, my whole life, taken for granted that I could sing. I come from a family of amazingly talented singers and, while I’ve never … Continue reading

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I got mugged in the dressing room Saturday night.

And I have the swollen, tender eye to prove it.  And a scratch!  Don’t forget the scratch! (Don’t worry… I’m fine.) I sort of deserved it.  I was breaking the rules.  The fine store I was shopping in has a … Continue reading

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Washing machine woes.

May 2005. It was a fun time.  Except for the fact that my washing machine had died. We did our research, shopped around, discovered the washing machine we wanted, and bought that baby, fresh off the Lowe’s Showroom floor.  Used … Continue reading

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I can’t really put into words my thoughts on yesterday right now.  I have seen this picture floating around the internet and think it’s where I am settling my mind for now. My heart goes out to those who are … Continue reading

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Candle season!

I love candles.  I don’t burn candles during any time other than fall and, of course, the Christmas season. Yankee Candles are my favorite so far, and the new Pumpkin Buttercream is amazing! I bought one a few weeks ago and it’s … Continue reading

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One word… know what it is?

This morning I was walking from one classroom to the other, (okay, I was walking from the dining room to the living room,) and this is what I saw: Loved it.  And, in the spirit of simplification, I’ll leave it … Continue reading

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Kitchen full o’ Pampered Chef

That would be awesome! I have been a huge fan of Pampered Chef since the very first party I attended in FCBC’s gym-kitchen. Slowly over the years I have been adding to my collection of PC items and replacing less-than-stellar … Continue reading

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That title has always described my van. Can I just say, I love my van.  We bought it before we should have, but by the time we figured that out, we were in the Dave Ramsey program and only owed … Continue reading

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I love continuity.  It’s one reason I’ve stuck with Shutterfly for so long.  I started uploading photos to Shutterfly in 2006 and can’t imagine switching.  Add to the desire for continuity the fact that the product is fantastic and the … Continue reading

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