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Watch this…

Now that it’s light out later, we have run into the problem of the boys not getting home in time for dinner.  For a while we were able to say, “When the street lights turn on, come home.”  Now, the … Continue reading

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Pretty things…

I live in a house full of boys.  I’m not much of a girly-girl.  But I do like pretty things. A few weeks ago I was at a friend’s house for a birthday party.  I noticed her computer (a beautiful … Continue reading

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“Fee debt fee!”

I recently posted the following as a Facebook status update: You know you listen to a lot of Dave Ramsey when your 9-year-old can tell you the phone number to call in to the radio show and your two year … Continue reading

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Lemon Wonder

Yes, I’m about to reveal a fabulous recipe.  Probably not exactly what you’re expecting, though. I wrote yesterday about hard water stains in my toilet.  That’s not the only place I have issues with hard water.  In fact, I actually … Continue reading

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Pumiced Toilet

I’ve had trouble with hard water stains for a while now.  I’ve tried everything I knew to try, including using a steel wool, with very little success.  A friend recently told me that using a pumice stone would help me … Continue reading

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Smooth Move

While I’m doing my best to ignore it, we do, in fact, have a PCS coming up.  This is bitter sweet because we love moving, love seeing new places, love meeting new people, but the worst part of our lives … Continue reading

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A year ago today…

One year ago today I posted about my wish list of Pampered Chef items.  I try to have a party every year so I can earn free stuff and also buy great items at a discount all year (10% off, … Continue reading

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Soccer babies

Yesterday in his talk Matt shared a couple pictures of Hayden during his early first season.  It was 2006 and Hayden was five years old, Carson was three, and Bailey was two, just a bit too young to actually play. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, David Ramsey!

Back in college I became fast friends with Anna.  I remember we talked about our upcoming weddings often, with hers coming before mine.  Soon after we started hanging out, she took me to see the house she and her fiancé … Continue reading

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Talk Back Boot Camp – Part 2

We’re two weeks into our TBBC and I must admit, life has gotten much better.  It’s hard for me to remember many details from the first week as that was when Matt was so sick.  What I do remember is that Bailey … Continue reading

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