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Homeschooling My Way, Part 3

Before I begin the WHAT and HOW of homeschooling my way, let me introduce you to WHO I’m homeschooling. Hayden is now in his first year of high school.  9th grade, BABY!   Carson is in 7th, Bailey is in 6th, … Continue reading

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Does my homeschool need a name?

It does, but this should not be a stressful thing. Homeschools need a name for various reasons.  Some states require it and if you are going to graduate your student from your homeschool, you will need to have an official … Continue reading

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Will you homeschool through graduation?

Many people really believe that homeschooling is fine for elementary school, but that homeschooling in high school is absolutely insane.  Many incorrectly believe that the parent must know the topics that their student is learning better than their student.  Please … Continue reading

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My Philosophies

phi·los·o·phy /fəˈläsəfē/ – a theory or attitude held by a person or organization that acts as a guiding principle for behavior My philosophies of homeschooling, education, and reading greatly impact the decisions I make in our homeschool. I’ve shared these … Continue reading

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Homeschooling My Way #1

You’ve stumbled upon my very first “how I homeschool” note.  I first shared this as a note on Facebook in September of 2009.  At that time I had been homeschooling for three and a half years.  In this note I … Continue reading

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