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RFOs in hand…

RFO stands for “request for orders” and that document tells us that the Chief of Chaplains has approved the assignment that we have been given.  In my last post I shared about my trip to New Mexico and the fact … Continue reading

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New Mexico

The past week was full of adventure.  Parker lost his second tooth and is quite proud of his gap!We drove to San Antonio to say farewell to friends who are like family.  The Byers are on their way to C4 … Continue reading

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That’s a Wrap!

It is with much celebration that we say farewell to the 2016-2017 school year.  It was a good year even if it was marked with new challenges. These challenges include: homeschooling with a mobile baby homeschooling four different grades homeschooling with … Continue reading

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Memorial Day and our Anniversary

Matt and I are celebrating 18 years of marriage today.  When we picked our wedding date, Memorial Day was nothing more than a holiday weekend and the biggest thing that concerned me was that the race at the Charlotte Motor … Continue reading

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White Space

We are nearing the finish line of a great year of school.  Because of that we are unnaturally busy, which is why I’m even more devoted to protecting our ‘white space.’  Have you heard that term used?  I can’t remember … Continue reading

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I love my Mom-Life.

I’m writing this post on Mother’s Day as all five of my treasures are sleeping.  I have a few minutes to ponder my life and my job as mom. At times like this I see just how much we (as … Continue reading

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The Hamricks get culture…

As a kid in public school I immensely enjoyed field trips.  Some of my favorites included trips to Ovens Auditorium for orchestra concerts or other performances.  I vividly remember watching Peter Pan fly over my head during one of those … Continue reading

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Monday almost got me…

It’s 9:00 pm on Monday and I just now remembered that I was supposed to have a blog post up.  I haven’t even started it. I don’t particularly dislike Mondays but I’m happy to see this one fade away. After a couple … Continue reading

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If it sounds too good to be true, it might just be true!

The first time I got an email from Amanda I overlooked it.  I honestly thought that there was no way anyone gets a free, all-inclusive trip with no strings attached.  I’m skeptical because I know plenty who have been burned by … Continue reading

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Easter 2017

This Easter season was slightly different from others in that we weren’t sure Matt and Hayden were going to be home on Easter Sunday.  They had an epic road-trip in honor of Hayden’s upcoming 16th birthday and I really didn’t … Continue reading

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