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20th in Venice – Matt’s Thoughts

Matt’s turn to talk! He took some fun pictures on our trip and they brought up all sorts of new memories from the trip. I loved going back through our trip seeing things from his perspective. So, without any more … Continue reading

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20th in Venice – Day 5

A dream activity of mine was to take sunrise photos at St. Marks. Nothing was holding me back other other than the desire to sleep, but knowing this was my last opportunity gave me the push I needed to set … Continue reading

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20th in Venice – Day 4

Our last full day in Venice was totally unscheduled and unplanned.  We woke up and decided that we really would regret not going inside St. Mark’s Cathedral and, that while we were at it, we may as well go up … Continue reading

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20th in Venice – Day 3

Venice is incredibly photogenic. Everywhere you turn you find a fascinating scene. On this date we were out to find the Banksy, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Just three weeks before our trip a cruise ship had crashed into … Continue reading

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20th in Venice – Day 2

I have taken quite the hiatus from learning photography and have recently felt ready to get back into it. I have no desire to be a professional or to take family photos, I just want to capture the beauty around … Continue reading

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20th in Venice: Day 1

More often than not I find myself consumed with my day-to-day life (which I actually really love) and I sort-of forget where I am. There are moments that it hits me that I am living an amazing adventure in Europe with my … Continue reading

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20th in Venice

20 years ago Matt and I spent 10 days on the West Coast enjoying our honeymoon. San Francisco was amazing! We loved the weather and knew we’d like to go back someday. When we had our photos developed at Wal-mart … Continue reading

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When am I Going to be White?

Heart. Broken. That’s what we felt when we heard Anna ask this last week. We have done everything in our power to affirm Anna’s gorgeous brownness. We point out the beauty of black people on television and in books. We … Continue reading

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Hohenzollern Castle

Every now and then a Princess needs to visit a castle. We’ve been here in Stuttgart for a year-and-a-half now and it’s been right at a year since we last visited a still-in-tact castle. Hohenzollern Castle is very close to … Continue reading

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Welcome at the table.

  View this post on Instagram #youdontlookadopted #adoption #allofme #fourparents #bigheart #fearless #love #bigtable #makeroom A post shared by Anne Heffron (@anne_heffron) on Jun 3, 2019 at 3:07am PDT As an adoptive mom I can sometimes feel a pinch of … Continue reading

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