Easter 2012 – Bonus images

Since I was following the bigs during the Easter Egg Hunt, Kelly said she was willing to follow Parker around.  I loved going through these pictures and watching Parker as he found treasures.  But before I show you her pictures, here is one I took of Kayla, Parker, and Sohpie.  (I included it in Easter Happenings Part 2 but wanted to use it again to show you the behind the scenes.)

Kelly snapped a picture of Aimee and I doing our best to get the above shot!

Parker found a few treasures before the hunt even began.  For starters, he spotted Connor’s Easter Basket that had “Ca-chow” on it.  I didn’t see how this went down but all I can say is that Connor did a very nice thing for Parker by letting Parker use it.  Connor is a good friend!  Secondly, Parker found this Pooh figurine somewhere in Kayla’s house and he carried it in the “Ca-chow” basket all afternoon.

Parker bent over too far and bonked his head.  Ouch!

Oh my.  He melts my heart…

Here, Parker is thinking, “What IS this gross thing?”  Apparently he does not like yellow jelly beans.  It didn’t remain in his mouth very long…

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  1. Oh he is just too cute!

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