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Dialog, Date, Depart…

Those words were part of our wedding ceremony. We were challenged to dialog daily, date monthly, depart annually. Almost 22 years later we are still keeping that in mind. Matt just returned from a two-week TDY (work trip) and before … Continue reading

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Little trip to Philly

We have been looking forward to going to Philadelphia to eat a Philly Cheesesteak ever since we moved here. Apparently the Best Cheesesteak in Philly is Geno’s, but 7 out of 7 in our group felt that our local mom-and-pop … Continue reading

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Even more snow.

Our 16 inches hadn’t even melted when we got a second storm. It only gave us about five inches but it was fast and furious. It arrived on Super Bowl Sunday and while our church was not cancelled it was … Continue reading

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More snow!

I am still not tired of the snow, though I may be standing alone in this opinion by the time winter is over. I enjoy the falling snow and I actually enjoy shoveling. This is largely because I don’t have … Continue reading

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