Easter Happenings Part 1.

While we know the reason for celebrating Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we enjoy some of the seemingly non-related traditions.  Baskets (or boxes, as we did this year), hunting eggs, candy, and eating with friends-who-are-family.

Yesterday Matt woke up quite sick.  He’d been feeling slightly sick for two days but I really thought he was just being a typical guy with a cold and was not handling it well.  But he woke up yesterday, went to the bathroom, coughed a little and came back to the bedroom and said, “I can’t make it.  I am not going to be able to go.”

Matt never says that.

I asked him if he wanted me to call one of the other two chaplains at our chapel to preach and a guy on the praise team to lead worship and he immediately said yes.  That told me that he was REALLY not feeling well.  I went to the kitchen to get some medicine for him and when I went back we prayed that he would feel better.  He got up, took a shower, and felt much better.  He ended up having just enough energy to lead worship and to preach but started crashing during lunch.  He slept the entire day away and then all night.  I went on with our Easter activities because, honestly, he’d get more quiet and rest without us here.

We got a few fun family pictures at church and then had lunch at our usual spot, the food court.  When we got home Matt and Parker both went straight to bed.  The original plan was for the boys to get their baskets that morning but they had not completed their chores nor had they cleaned up their mess from Friday Night Movie Night (which happened to fall on a Saturday this week).  I wasn’t about to take pictures of them getting their treats in a living room that looked like a blanket store and a popcorn machine had a fight and both sides lost.  Their baskets were held hostage until we got home and they could finish their chores and straighten up from the previous night’s festivities.

Once they were done I sent them to Bailey’s room to hide out so I could set out the goodies.

Tape, Sharpies, art supplies, and more tape.  I know my sons so well!!

(And look at those clean floors!  Spic and span!  I wouldn’t dare let you see what they looked like 15 minutes prior to this picture being taken.)

I sent the bigs to their rooms with instructions to NEVER draw on anything other than paper (yes… I know they’re 10, 9, and 8…) and went to bed myself.  This is what I woke up to two hours later:

When Parker woke from his nap Hayden had gotten him up and videoed him opening his Easter Box.  While disappointed I didn’t get to see his reaction, at least Hayden recorded it for me! He’s gonna be such a good dad!

As soon as we finished watching Parker enjoy his boat we loaded up the car to head over the river and through the woods…

Stay tuned for Easter Happenings Part 2.

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