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Washing machine woes.

May 2005. It was a fun time.  Except for the fact that my washing machine had died. We did our research, shopped around, discovered the washing machine we wanted, and bought that baby, fresh off the Lowe’s Showroom floor.  Used … Continue reading

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Thunder. Such a beautiful sound…

Wednesday we had a thunderstorm.  For those in certain parts of the US, this may sound like no big deal.  But here in Texas we get very few of those. I was mesmerized.  And I wasn’t the only one.  I … Continue reading

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Effort and rest. A union of the two.

Last week was our first week of school for the 2013-2014 school year.  I will say that it was the hardest “first week of school” we’ve ever had.  It hasn’t been a bad week, necessarily, just not the best. I am … Continue reading

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Parker’s many faces

Yesterday, just after nap, I asked Parker to come sit on a stool so I could take some pictures.  He was totally engrossed in whatever tv show the bigs had on so he didn’t really want to come.  When he … Continue reading

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Pictures from our first day of school 2013

As I shared on Monday, we started our 2013-2014 school year.  The night before, Hayden asked if he could get up early and make a surprise breakfast for everyone.  I agreed and so at 6:30 he came downstairs and made … Continue reading

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Parker’s First Visit to the Dentist

You can tell he’s not my first child in the fact that he’s over three and just now seeing the dentist for the first time!  I think the others were young two-year-olds when I had their mouths checked out. Either … Continue reading

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Sounds from the first day of school…

Today we are starting school for the 2013-2014 school year. The sounds that I’m hearing as the boys wake up are cracking me up. I thought I’d share: Parker is singing the intro to a Toby Mac song, “Captured.” He’s … Continue reading

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An Overview of our Holocaust Education 2009-2012

Someone just asked me for a list of what I taught my boys about the Holocaust and since I was already compiling all those posts for her, I figured I’d write a post here and share them with you.  There … Continue reading

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