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>Keep your hands inside the ride at all times…

>This is what you hear before the roller coaster begins moving.  It is also the point where if you scream loud enough, they will let you off.  At this point, you have waited in the line and the anticipation grows … Continue reading

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>No place like home…

>We have now heard where we are going… drum roll please………… FORT CARSON, COLORADO!!!   (This photo was taken of the boys in May at Spring Canyon.  A place we have grown to love and I’m sure we’ll make it … Continue reading

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>Carson, a door, and some glue…

>Tonight I was sitting for a friend while she presented some information to other Army wives about Military Etiquette. I had my sons, ages 7, 5, and 4, plus her sons, ages 4 and 1. We had a good time … Continue reading

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>From One Adventure to Another

>So we stand here at the end of one adventure and the beginning of another. Matt is due to come home in just a couple of weeks after being in Iraq for over 14 months. We are ready to end … Continue reading

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