A 2022 Look Back.

Time flies when you’re having fun! And I can honestly say that 2022 has been fun!

2021 was the hardest year for the Hamricks and the Lord saw us through. Hayden struggled with a bout of depression that made all other problems in our world seem trivial. Depression is no joke and watching my child go through that was the hardest thing I’ve experienced in my life. And when I say the Lord saw us through, I mean that. I believe we were in NYC for a reason. People we met here at church, in Matt’s job, and on Fort Hamilton prayed us through it and prayed for Hayden fervently, joining with our close friends and family in asking the Lord for healing. It wasn’t immediate and life isn’t perfect for any of us but I want to say that I truly thank the Lord for helping my son through 2021. He’s doing great in his grown-up life and has exceeded my expectations of who he has become as a man. I’m thankful for who he is and thankful beyond words that he feels so much better.

I have had a very full 2022 and haven’t taken the time to write. I’ve missed journaling our adventures and have a few that I really want to talk about (one that you’d never see coming in a million years… one that my people are almost tired of hearing about but I’ll get to that later).

Anyway, in order to retroactively share, I’m going to post this here today, September 2nd, and update it throughout as I go back and post memories. I’ve taken the day in rental office space to focus on this because I need the time away from the house and because I really do find journaling our adventures worth my time and energy.

But first… today I stepped out of my house this morning and it was 66*! PEOPLE! I’ve been waiting for this! The shift from summer to fall! Sure, it’ll be 80* by the end of the day, and I am wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt, but I put on a sweater for the ride to the office. I had to take it off as soon as I got here, and I probably won’t wear it again until next week when the highs are in the upper 70s, but I totally loved wearing a sweater!

PS Also because I got to talk to Hayden for about 30 minutes today and he gave me the okay to share the above, I’m sharing a screenshot of him and Anna video-chatting. Because who doesn’t love a big-bro-little-sis-with-lovies picture!?!?

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February 2022

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