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Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studies 2021

Split party! By day 5 we had already done all four of the parks and I knew the bigs would want to go back to Hollywood Studios and I knew that there were things at Magic Kingdom that Anna wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Epcot 2021

Before our trip I researched the brand-new ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and how to have the best chances of riding it. Based on what I read, my expectations of getting in the virtual queue were very low. Because it’s so … Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom 2021

I have two words for you: Mount Everest. Such a fun rollercoaster! That was where we headed first and we were able to ride it multiple times in a row! (Matt, Anna, and I rode it twice, everyone else rode … Continue reading

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Hollywood Studios 2021

My bigs are such good big brothers. We had two different strategies could employ: 1. Divide and conquer… with the guys going one way (Star Wars or Rock N’ Rollercoaster) and the girls going the other (to Toy Story Land). … Continue reading

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Magic Kingdom 2021

From Buzz to Elena, and Belle to the Seven Dwarves, this day was perfect! Staying on Disney Property gave us early entry, which we made use of each day. I had a strategy for the parks which included going straight … Continue reading

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🎉Disney World 2021🎉

Magical and near perfect are the two words I’d used to describe our trip. I made a vow to stay off my phone as much as possible, which meant not posting daily updates. I knew that meant I’d miss out … Continue reading

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Governors Island

I’ve heard it said that living in New York City one can never get bored. I would have to agree. We have been here exactly eleven months (as of the day I’m writing this) and we haven’t even scratched the … Continue reading

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Hawaii – Part 2

Solitude is hard to come by in a house with seven people, especially during a pandemic. We even converted a hall closet to a mini-office/reading nook. It has come in handy on a regular basis. One of my main goals … Continue reading

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Hawaii – Part 1

Hawaii really surprised me. I have seen the pictures and movies and assumed that the magic of film make it look incredible, but from the moment we landed I was blown away by the beauty. On the way to Hawaii … Continue reading

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Roosevelt Island Date

New York City has blown me away with its seasons. Summer is my least favorite with it being a million degrees; our air conditioner is spotty, and our house has HORRIBLE insulation. Fall was breathtaking. The colors changed slowly so … Continue reading

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