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First Day of School ~ 2021-2022

What a great morning. The kids woke up ready and eager for their day. Getting ready was a breeze and we walked the mile to school with little issue… other than the fact that their book bags were overfilled due … Continue reading

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Running in Stuttgart

I took a few months off running in order to get my weight under control (sounds counter-intuitive, but apparently it was what was needed). I wanted to start back up in March and then Bailey broke his arm, followed by … Continue reading

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A House for the Hamricks: Part 2

Yesterday I shared the first post on last Tuesday’s exciting events.  Today’s post will have a few mores stories and a bunch of pictures.  Welcome to our home.  (I can’t wait to have our own stuff in it!)  So, to … Continue reading

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A House for the Hamricks: Part 1

Last Tuesday at this time I was on my first (and only, so far) early morning run here in Texas. I was happy to know that there was a time of day during which the state was not on fire, … Continue reading

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Our 14th Anniversary via Jen’s iPhone

It’s been several years since Matt and I were able to go away for our anniversary, so when my mom offered to watch the boys for the Memorial Day weekend Matt and I took her up on it.  Our original … Continue reading

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When half is still a LOT!

Half of a marathon is a LOT of miles!  13.1 to be precise. A few weeks ago Matt ran his first half-marathon and our family was VERY proud of him! Stats: Time: 1:51:18 Pace:8:29/min

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Crashing into hurdles…

Hurdles are there. Whether we want them to be or not, they are there. We can ignore them and crash right into them or train hard and learn to jump over them. Sure, training is hard, produces sweat, and requires … Continue reading

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The Opposite of a Bear

Most people are, apparently, like bears. I know this because I’ve been running all winter here at Fort Jackson and usually only pass one or two other runners (exercisers) each time.  Bump the heat up to 80 and the bears … Continue reading

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On-The-Go – an iPhone tip

I’m partially embarrassed to share this tip with you because a few die-hard iPhone/iPod lovers out there will question my Apple-loyalty since I’m so late in learning about this feature. So be it.  I will sacrifice my coolness in hopes … Continue reading

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What’s in your ear?

I’m a child of the 80’s (born in the late 70’s so I don’t remember much about them).  I remember cassette tapes and when the machines that played them evolved to a point that they could automatically begin playing Side … Continue reading

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