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Verdun – April 2018

One of the best parts of being in Europe is seeing sights that are of historic importance. Our area had an active co-op that we joined as honorary members, participating in just the book club. The boys would read the … Continue reading

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I can’t sing but I can write.

God’s timing is impeccable. I was asked to submit an article to Sonlight months ago and I asked for grace until March. They were kind enough to understand the International PCS I was facing and allowed me to submit in … Continue reading

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I can’t sing.

That isn’t me being modest. I really can’t sing. I admit here and now that I have, my whole life, taken for granted that I could sing. I come from a family of amazingly talented singers and, while I’ve never … Continue reading

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Missing TEXAS? Naw….

Brutal honesty. I was ready to leave Texas behind. The heat; the vast expanses of nothingness; the flatness; the lack of green… Four and a half years in a location not of my choosing was long enough. At least that’s … Continue reading

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Soccer for two, not four. (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared the first part of this story. And it continues… I shared this screenshot of the text that no mom ever wants to receive: I went into mom-mode and got to the field around 8:30 PM without knowing … Continue reading

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Soccer for two, not four. (Part 1)

Soccer has been a part of our family since Hayden was four. The only break we took from soccer was when Anna was born and that was a unanimous decision so that we could focus on our squishy. It was … Continue reading

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