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A Gremlin-free day.

Today was the antithesis of yesterday.  Yesterday it seemed as if NOTHING went right. Today, almost everything did. From the moment I woke up until now, the moment I sit here in my quiet house with all 4 boys safe … Continue reading

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Gremlins, HE’S NOT DEPLOYED!!!!!

So leave us alone, please! Yes, it’s been that kind of day.  First, we never like to see Matt leave, even if it’s only for a week.  Secondly, it’s sad we can’t go, especially since he’s going to the wedding … Continue reading

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Raunheim Waldsee. AKA “The Lake”

So many of my friends here in Wiesbaden are asking what lake I am going to. It’s about 20 minutes from post and very inexpensive. It’s especially great for our family since Hayden is so highly sensitive to chlorine! Their … Continue reading

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spaghetti and eggs

Love having friends to do life with. We don’t have to do anything expensive or flashy to have fun. We can all just bring spaghetti sauce and some noodles to the same house, cook it (oh dear LORD it’s summer … Continue reading

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sushi and starbucks

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Parker and Connor

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Home for now… Wiesbaden

When you’re military (or a civilian doing work for the military as many of my friends here are) you tend to call home the place you lay your head at night.  Sometimes those places are more exciting than others.  To … Continue reading

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That’s the name of the street I walked on tonight.  As a title it accurately describes tonight’s evening walk. I took my camera to capture a field of beauty I had seen during my run (the run that I got … Continue reading

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Customer service… for REAL!

Last week was “organize what you have” week regarding our school stuff. This week is “decide what you need for next year” week. It’s going so well!! If you are planning your next year’s curricula and you want to receive … Continue reading

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Messing with Parker

Last week we had the pleasure of having a (mostly) adults dinner with the Jones’.  The only kids were babies who continuously kept us entertained.  One highlight of the evening was when we discovered Parker was terrified by something. “What,” … Continue reading

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