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While two of the bigs practice at the Commissary, Parker watches. Dad has to take Hayden to a completely different post to practice. Could be an interesting two months! In the above picture Parker is showing me that he got … Continue reading

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Because there’s no AC at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, Matt and I had to leave the door to the balcony wide open to let in as much of a breeze as possible. The first morning I stirred as the … Continue reading

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Look how I spent my Sunday afternoon: I don’t necessarily love clipping coupons but I simply can’t resist saving $30+ dollars on each big shopping trip.  So I spent 4 hours going through these gifts from the states. I have … Continue reading

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11th Hour

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that Matt and I had prayed for wisdom, clarity, and for a newer van to join our family sooner rather than later. That was the day before we were supposed to purchase the ’98 Pontiac … Continue reading

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Contentment vs. Apathy

Contentment or apathy? Do not confuse these two words.  Being content means, to me, that I am willing to do without some creature comforts in order to achieve other goals.  Being apathetic implies that I don’t care about what I … Continue reading

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Yep.  I just read that book.  I read the first half on Matt’s iPad as he drove the first leg of our trip to Garmisch.  (For those who know us well, I know you’re aghast at that last sentence.  For … Continue reading

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“laugh till you cry” kind of fun

That’s what we did at Jessica’s 30th Birthday Party. I don’t generally include a lot of inside jokes in my posts but there were a few moments from this celebration that I just couldn’t resist mentioning, if only to make … Continue reading

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Know what that is?!? If not, let me show you! We are LOVING Switched-on-Schoolhouse‘s 4th Grade Science. Amazing!  Included in the lessons are science experiments and we did the first one this week.  As you can see, we were studying … Continue reading

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Cupcake anyone?

I have this friend who loves cupcakes… Actually, I have several friends who adore cakes-in-miniature but one in particular is celebrating a pretty important birthday next week. Her sweet husband gave me the tip that she wanted a specific kind … Continue reading

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What was I THINKING?!?

Parker is a two-naps-a-day guy.  He LOVES to sleep and still asks to go to bed several times a week.  (Usually I put him down before he asks.)  Today, however, he discovered a new (again) toy just as I was … Continue reading

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