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Fall Fest Family Fun Festivities Day!!

Parker has fallen in love with all the “das” around here.  That’s not German, that’s Parker for “ball.”  He points to the pumpkins and says, “DA!!! DA!!!”  He has been taught not to touch them, but he sometimes forgets.  One … Continue reading

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Carson recently started piano lessons.  The babies who visit our house are particularly intrigued by the new instrument that makes noise in my dining room.  One day last week Aimee and I decided to see what happened when we put … Continue reading

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Perfectly Imperfect

I was flipping through FB or Pinterest… can’t remember which of my two favorite time-suckers I was on, but I saw a neat link about organizing.  The title was enough to catch my attention:  The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. … Continue reading

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A better blanket…

After reading “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” my sweet friend Evelyn stopped by to see if we would like to try a larger stroller-blanket thing.  I am desperate to find something that will keep him warm without freaking him out, so … Continue reading

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Baby, it’s cold outside.

I love cold weather.  I appreciate scarves, coats, and boots.  But I’m getting the impression from Parker that he does not.  (And for my non-cold-weather-loving-friends, I will admit we went from spring-like weather in early October to winter weather within … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…Thanksgiving! I mentioned in “It’s official” that I went shopping recently to purchase fall decorations and I had a blast.  The boys and I finished school quickly and we left the house pretty excited about it.  It has been a … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pickin’ Day

Yesterday I posted the first few pictures from our attempts at finding a pumpkin patch and I wanted to keep these two posts separate because the kitty cat experience was cute enough to warrant its own post. Here is the … Continue reading

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It is not possible…

I hear that statement a lot.  Apparently Germans who only speak “a little” English are taught this phrase early on in their learning.  In my experience when a German says “a little” they actually mean that they know 100x more … Continue reading

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It’s official…

Fall has arrived.  Ignore the fact that the first “official” day of fall for 2011 was September 23rd because the weather from that date until October 6th was mild, warm, and spring-like.  It was perfect for the visit with my … Continue reading

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I am not condemned.

After my last post I received a question from a friend that I have been itching to answer.  It was a great question: What is the difference between condemnation and conviction. I am truly passionate about the fact that we, … Continue reading

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