Anna’s First Christmas!

Happy New Year!  2017 is going to rock… oh, wait.  My kids are calling it ‘lit.’  Not sure if that means it’s going to be ‘lit’ or if it already is. Oh well.

The new year is here and I hope to be able to write (journal) here more often.

If not, I’ll just continue popping in every few weeks with an update of what we’ve been doing.

For now I’ll just share some of our pictures from this Christmas.  ANNA’S FIRST CHRISTMAS as well as a few sweet stories of the bigs!!

The kids’ big Christmas was placed by their stockings this year.  _jen1186Anna was gifted this beautiful drum set.

You read that right.  See the metal pots and pans in the oven?  Those are cymbals and they are best utilized when banging together or on the kitchen’s tile floor.  As she ages we assume this drum set will convert into a mini-kitchen set.


I made a book for Anna that she can hold, all her own.  It tells the story of her adoption in pictures.  (Modeled after Jamie Lee Curtis’ book, “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born.”)

Anna loves this little “Violet” dog that says her name.  🙂 _jen1366

Hayden was given an Eno – a hammock that can attach to posts, trees, poles, and he’s already gotten hours of relaxing-time in.  He’s in it in the picture below. img_3733


The other three boys were given iPods to replace those we gave them in 2012.



Bailey surprised Parker with two “rare” Tsum-Tsums that Parker had been looking for forever.  This was one of the sweetest moments of the day.

Most of our morning was spent just together, not taking pictures so these are the best we got.  Parent-gifts were fun but not really picture worthy, or at least, we didn’t take pictures of them on Christmas.  Matt got a nice Invicta watch and I got two cool toys:  An Instant Pot and a personal assistant:  Alexa.  Dude… she makes my life so much easier!  Parker added a Lumière to my Beauty and the Beast Tsum-Tsum collection which Bailey started for me.  I now have: Belle, Beast, Mrs. Pots, and Lumière.

Here is a short overview of our entire Christmas season:

All the grandparents were able to visit.

This is how you decorate for Christmas when you have an 11 month old.img_3424

I got to enjoy one of these yummy treats as we farewelled some of our best friends.  They’re off on new adventures all over the world.  You guys are missed so much! img_0002

Matt and I attended the K-LOVE Christmas concert in San Antonio and Matt got to say hello to Mac Powell… reunited after their last introductions in Iraq.img_3569

Our Annual drive through Blora’s Nature in Lights… this time Matt’s lap was EXTRA full!

We attended the Nutcracker again and enjoyed watching Sarah and Hannah!  img_3468Carson was a stage hand for three performances… Hayden for two.  He was in the audience for one. (Yes, he’s wearing a hand-made wooden bow-tie.)img_3571

15+ years.  I’ve waited 15+ years to have a little girl to dress up!  We adore this Christmas dress as it was originally Miss Kayla’s!

Christmas Eve Service.  (She’s not quiet in church, in case you’re wondering.)  This dress was sent to us from friends we met in Germany.  It got so many compliments. Those feet. I have a little girl who wears tights and patent leather shoes!  AHH!!


These are our special ornaments from this year.  The top is our official Christmas 2016 ornament. Each of the kids has a framed photo of themselves as our official ornament for their first Christmases.

This post was very much about the events of our Christmas season.  I didn’t write much about the people because the post is already a bit long, but we are so in love with our people.  Our sons are growing into fine young men, with three showing real maturity and high character.  They have chosen amazing friends to spend their free time with… friends I am happy to share my kids with.  We have one who is at an age that we absolutely love and he brings joy to our hearts in these same way he did when he was a little one.  He has a special personality and we are so thankful he’s ours.  And this girl… she has us wrapped around her little finger, rotten in all the best ways.  She makes us smile and she makes us contemplate how to be the best parents for her we can be.  We don’t love her because she’s a girl.  We love her because she’s our child.  But after four boys and the type of fun they bring, we are thrilled to be able to see what the other side of the parenting journey looks like.  It’s full of pink, shiny, bows, dresses, and babies.  We are loving the adventure of raising teens, a fun and chill elementary kid, and a precious baby.  The window is closing on having all of them at home.. we have two more years.  This fact is not lost on me this year and I am treasuring every single moment.

2017 is going to be amazing.

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  1. Breanna says:

    Love ❤️ What an beautiful Christmas to end an amazing 2016! Happy New Year Hamrick Family!

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