When to praise the Lord for a broken arm:

…when it leads doctors to notice a tumor that needs to be removed.

This is a post I’ve hesitated to write for a variety of reasons, the first of which being that I don’t want it in writing because then becomes real.

Other reasons for the delay are homeschooling, parenting, teaching FPU, running, sleeping, etc.  Just normal life has kept me from being able to carve out the time to write this.  As it is, I have exactly 30 minutes to start/finish/edit/add photos/and publish this post… bear with me if you find typos or errors.  I’ll gladly correct them if you’ll let me know about them.

Ten days ago Matt took the bigs and two friends to Magnolia Market because it’s Magnolia Market.  Less than thirty minutes after arriving Carson, who was swinging on their massive swings, slipped and fell.

Matt called me and said that Carson had popped his shoulder out of socket and they were going to head home but only after stopping at Common Grounds for a cup of joe to-go.

Matt dropped our friends off at their home, brought Bailey back here, and then took Carson to the ER.  I was home prepping homeschool stuff (all… day… long…) and by late evening I still hadn’t run/walked/moved.  I suited up for a cold walk in the dark and soon after I left Matt called to tell me that the good news was that if Carson’s arm had been out of socket at all, it was back in… they did, however, find a fracture in his humerus.  I walked to the hospital and then walked laps in the parking lot until they were released.  Carson was given a sling, Motrin, and told to call orthopedics first thing Monday morning.

He managed quite well and has found ways to function in spite of the fracture.  (He learned that if he wanted to read he could sit in a certain way and use both arms to hold the book.  Priorities!)

Monday morning we called ortho and were told the first available appointment was Wednesday… so we waited.

Wednesday I sent Matt with Carson to find out if he’d need surgery, to have the bone set, or if we were just going to wait out the healing process.

I didn’t expect to hear the word tumor, cancer, or bone graft.

Thankfully the word cancer was accompanied by the phrase: “99% sure it’s benign.”

In super-laymen’s terms (because that’s the best I can do at this point), Carson has a tumor in his bone that caused his bone to be basically hollow, which is why it broke with such a small fall.

I leave in nine minutes to take him for his MRI.  We will take the disk with the scan’s results to a specialist (hopefully soon – we can’t make an appointment until we have the disk in hand) and he will tell us more.

So yes, I am very thankful for this broken bone.

The orthopedic doctor who saw Carson Wednesday thinks he has seen a case like this before. With that patient, they removed the tumor and replaced it with either a bone graft or bone cement.  The patient was just fine, and that orthopedic doctor has referred us to the same tumor doctor who successfully treated the other patient.  We are praying that it is, in fact, the same kind of situation.

Your prayers are very much appreciated.  We are trusting the 99% guess and feel at peace, though the words are still tough to comprehend.

Since I have only five minutes left I’m going to go back through this and find any obvious typos, add pictures, and post.
Thanks for reading and I’ll update when I know more.

~Jennifer (and family)

The swings:


Friends posing without Carson… he wasn’t in the picture-taking mood at this point:4friends



The chauffeur:matttruck

The fracture:img_4814

The dull gray is where the tumor is in his bone… if you look at the bottom 4/5 of his arm it’s a light gray but the top fifth is darker gray.  The darker gray is the tumor.)img_4813

Our guy in a sling…c-in-sling


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9 Responses to When to praise the Lord for a broken arm:

  1. Jesska says:

    Guess you can say he had a lucky break 😉
    Prayers on their way for you all

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes! We are very thankful to have found this now. 🙂

      • Judy Gloy says:

        Oh sweet one… if you only KNEW how sick to my stomach I am right now… just saying the word “cancer” to me these days, just about “does me in”. However, knowing this sweet young man had this scare… just about blew me away! I am so sorry he has a broken arm. It can’t be pleasant, but I, too, am thankful for the 99%… that DID help my upset tummy quite a bit! So, we will be in prayer for sweet Carson. Bless his precious heart. I can see how a broken arm would be a blessing over the other! Thank You, God!!!!!!! Prayers for you all. Love, hugs and prayers. Ralph and Judy.

  2. Grace Rodriguez says:

    Definitely thankful for a broken arm in this instance. You had no other way of knowing about the tumor otherwise. Praise God for showing us that he’s involved in everything!!!

  3. Helen says:

    Praying for Carson.

  4. patsy says:

    Prayers for Carson, and the whole family. When one hurts – all hurts. We love you all.

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