Farewell ChapelNext – Ft. Hood

Today (Sunday) was our last day at ChapelNext Fort Hood. We’ve been there since our first Sunday here in June 2013. We sat with the Holsinger Family and that was our “spot” the entire time we were at Fort Hood. It was helpful to have a “spot” so that when our family arrived at different times, everyone knew where to go.

Here are some pictures from today that I treasure as well as a brief description of each:

We are so happy our friend, Nick, is back safely with his family from Kuwait and it was a joy to see him and his son, Alec, lead worship today! They’ve got mad skills!

IMG_3394Then another special family (sweet friends of ours) led us in the advent reading. Hannah did a great job with both the reading and the lighting of the candle.IMG_354124909580_1295402843898404_6927689267763216719_n

After church I made sure to have our family picture taken by the tree. I treasure last year’s pictures taken there… our first with Anna-banana!


Before they could disperse too far I had them take a picture by the statue designed by Steve Carter, our kids’ youth pastor.IMG_8957

We were blessed to have amazing nursery workers who took care of Parker when he was little and then the same nursery team loved on Anna her whole life! Ms. Brooke and her fellow workers made two of every take-home for Anna… one for me and one for Mama Kim. Who does that?!?  Our nursery workers at ChapelNext! That’s who!

After church we met someone Matt deployed with at the HEB parking lot and sold the Jeep. USAA made this a 10 minute transfer! AMAZING!


And finally, and my stomach churns at the memory… the time has come for the bitter-sweet part of PCSing to show its bitter side: we went to the Bloker’s for lunch. I knew they were having schnitzel but I didn’t know it was for our farewell.  They prayed over us and let us go through the line first (and when there are that many people there, that is a BIG deal!). The next few hours were spent chatting with those I love dearly and will miss dreadfully. I am so glad I got to see these people… most are ChapelNext friends that I don’t really get to chat with on Sundays. I typically visit with this people outside of Sundays, which touches on one of the main missions of ChapelNext: Connect.  Connections are actually best done outside of the church walls.

img_7487.jpgI just noticed in the picture above that Carson was keeping an eye on Anna. IMG_9283

(This paragraph added on Monday afternoon while our stuff is being loaded onto creates.) We were given a coffee-table book that features the beauty of Texas and has been signed by many people!  Melody just delivered it after running it a few places to get more signatures, and I am so looking forward to sitting down tonight in our hotel room, POST-HHG-LOAD, and reading all the notes. IMG_1888

What a way to be farewelled. There were over fifty people there… I can’t say more. In part because I don’t want to go there yet but also because Anna has been asleep since 4:00 and it’s now close to 7:00 PM. I need to get her up!  (Saved by the baby…)

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2 Responses to Farewell ChapelNext – Ft. Hood

  1. Maria Currey says:

    Beautiful heart-tearing reflections, dear Jennifer!!
    Praying your next heart-station will wrap around your hearts as tenderly as the one to which you’ve just bid a tearful farewell! Praying for you and your precious family!!

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