Build-A-Bear Tradition

At three years old each Hamrick boy gets to go Build-A-Bear.  The bigs each still have theirs, and we were so excited to watch Parker as he built his own.  20130316-084028 I loved how intensely Parker was during the part where he rubbed the heart, shook it, kissed it, and then placed it into the bear.  The employee was absolutely wonderful and Parker followed her every instruction.20130316-0840281Giving his bear its first (and hopefully only) bath.  We have had to give one of the older bears a bath.  He had an unfortunate incident with an entire bottle of Elmer’s Glue.  Those bears are quite durable, let me tell you!
20130316-0840282 I loved this moment of our day.  Parker watched as his brothers helped get his bear dressed in the Spider Man costume he had selected.  The bigs were as excited as Parker was. They watched his face and enjoyed every smile!fiEbDNdLQP2ZCnSjtmtc9g Ready to hit the road with his new friend, “Cookie Spider Man.”_JEN7853(Semi-related note:  Bailey’s Build-A-Bear had a voice box recording of Bailey saying, “Buzz Lightyear, To Infinity and Beyond.”  Sometime in the last year the batteries died. Build-A-Bear will replace these batteries for free but they have to ship the voice box off, and it takes several months.  OR, you can bring your own batteries and they’ll replace them as you wait.  We opted for that and now we can hear Bailey’s 3-year-old voice once again.)

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