Are You Growing? (Free Book Give-away!)

I recently shared all about 18 Minutes in a five-part series starting with 18 Minutes: Series Intro.  In between the time I first teased you about the book and when I shared my thoughts on it, I heard a podcast that paired perfectly with that book.  Chris LoCurto’s interview with John Maxwell was absolutely fantastic! Click here to hear the episode.  This podcast introduced me to another book I’m going to read.  It’s called The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell.


Prize offer at the end of this 2-part series!  Have fun!

Below are a few of the ideas that I thought were absolutely amazing.  In bold are either exact quotes or paraphrases of John Maxwell’s words and following each one are my thoughts.

  • Be the best YOU that you can be.  Sounds cliche but it turns out that many of us try to be the best someone else we can be.  I try this every time I move.  No kidding, I decide I’m going to be the “quiet girl” at each new duty station.  It lasts a few weeks. (I’m still pulling this cover off at PWOC, sort of.  Only a few people know I’m a talker and that’s because they already knew me.  I haven’t spoken out much in class but my tongue bleeds every Tuesday as I’m doing my best not to talk.  I keep thinking of things I want to share or discuss… it’s tough being a talker pretending to be a quiet person.)  I envy quiet people.  I want to emulate them.  I can only pretend for so long… I wonder if I’ll make it the whole time we’re at Fort Jackson… probably not.
  • Personal growth is the greatest door opener.  Opportunities don’t find people who are doing nothing to grow themselves or to develop others.  People who aren’t trying to grow find themselves frustrated at life, mad at God, stuck in their ways, bored out of their minds, and/or caught in victim-thinking.  When someone starts to focus their efforts on growing themselves, they will start to find doors opening to them.  I have a friend who recently asked me to mentor her.  This is a huge honor because it means she has seen something in me that she wants to develop in herself.  Because of the vast responsibility I feel in mentoring her, I’ve made sure to start doing some of the things I’m suggesting she do.
  • No growing begins until you start growing.  See?  Start now!  You won’t start growing until you start growing!  And growing is intentional.  Wait, I’m getting ahead of the episode…
  • Intentional growth is continuous and strategic, accidental growth is sporadic.  That’s were I was heading in the last point.  You have to start doing something to grow.  Then, you’ll start growing.  It won’t happen automatically.  It doesn’t happen naturally.  Growth happens when someone intends to grow.
  • There is never a “right time” to do right… you just have to do it.  If you are feeling that you should begin something (reading more, learning a new skill, working to get out of debt), start now.  Start. NOW.  Now is the right time.  (I really hope you will listen to the podcast episode.  There is so much value in the words John Maxwell shared.)
  • When you’re at the head of the class, you’re in the wrong class.  There comes a point when you have to look for people who are farther along in the journey than you are.  I am constantly watching mothers who have raised their children beyond the ages my kids are.  Moms who have homeschooled their children through middle and high school.  I am always trying to glean from their wisdom.
  • You can tell when you’re on the road to success… it’s uphill all the way.  If it’s difficult, you are probably growing.  My 2013 New Years’ Resolution is coming along nicely.  (I haven’t shared what it is yet… I will soon.)  I’m enjoying the time I’m putting into it, but I’m finding that some of it is harder than I expected.  There have been days I’ve wondered if I’ll ever see the benefit of devoting so much of my time to this goal.  And then, hearing this statement again today while re-listening to the episode reminded me that the difficulty I’m experiencing is just a reminder that I’m heading toward success.  (10 bonus points if you can guess what the goal is… and if you’re Christy, Jessica, Aimee, Matt, or Marcy, you don’t count.  That’d be cheating! Mom, that goes for you, too.)

As excited as I am about giving away a free book, that will have to wait until Wednesday! Hope to see you then!

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4 Responses to Are You Growing? (Free Book Give-away!)

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  2. whimsymum says:

    I’ll play! 1 year to 1.5 years… and happy people!

    • Jennifer says:

      Fantastic job, Gloria! You are our US-dwelling winner! So glad you had the chance to listen (if twice) to the podcast! Absolutely fantastic information! Let me know which version of the book you’d like!

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