So tired…

…and only half-way done.

Yesterday and today our moving company delivered and unloaded three shipments.
1) stuff that has been in storage since October 2009;
2) stuff we shipped 14 November {this was our HHGs, or big shipment}); and
3) stuff we shipped 7ish December {our unaccompanied baggage).

We’ve never had a company break this into two days, so this was exhausting enough. But to make matters even more tiring, they are sending a separate crew tomorrow to unpack everything. Usually the movers just do it at the end of the unloading.

And to make things a bit more tiring the company is sending a third party to assemble my precious IKEA homeschool cabinet. Apparently the guys who came today are not qualified to put together such a massive beast.

I’m ready for this process to be over with, but I will just have to be patient.

The best things I got today were my two youngest offspring. Nana brought them back to me and I’m glad all six of us are under one roof again. We’re whole again.

Here are a few things I’m super happy about:
1.) my washer/dryer/fridge all work, even after being in storage for three years;
2.) none of those items smell musty in the least. The “charcoal in tube socks” trick worked;
3.) Jen is loaning me a coffee pot since mine hasn’t been located yet;
4.) Parker loves his new “Whiting” bed and didn’t even whimper when I put him to bed.

Speaking of bed… I’m out.


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2 Responses to So tired…

  1. christina says:

    I know it will be hard to spread yourself around, but you might want to keep track of the IKEA stuff being reassembled. Our movers put many of our beds and cabinets together wrong (leftover parts are not a good sign) and Dan had to re-do much of it later. I even accidentally bent Jennica’s bed frame as I was getting off her loft bed because it had been improperly assembled. I’m surprised it was even holding her mattress up. Luckily Dan was able to rebend most of it back into shape and start from scratch. I’m glad you got all your stuff. Have fun finding a home for everything now. 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Christina, were your assemblers your unpackers or a third-party who just assemble? They’re sending an extra crew back to put it together since it’s quite complicated. However, Matt and I might just tackle it ourselves. It’s the huge white cabinet I got a while back and half of my HHGs go in there. My place looks like a disaster because so many things need to go inside that beast!

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