Absolutely surreal…

I learned something yesterday about Army chapels.  Apparently the Army has a few cookie cutters and they make most of their chapels out of those designs.

Matt and I were involved in ChapelNext in Colorado which met in Veteran’s Chapel.  We spent many Sundays there.  The building was a straight-shot from our house, which sat in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain (think:  NORAD), to Veteran’s Chapel.  When you step outside of the chapel you can see Cheyenne and Pike’s Peak.  Gorgeous views.  Colorado is simply breathtaking.

Yesterday we visited ChapelNext Fort Jackson and as soon as we walked up to the front door Bailey said, “Hey!  I’ve been here before!”  We assured him that we had not been here before because when we were last at Fort Jackson, ChapelNext met in the Chaplain Center and School.  As soon as we entered the doors we were immediately taken straight back to Fort Carson and we realized why Bailey had thought he had been here before.  The building has the exact same floor-plan as the one at Fort Carson.  We had never paid much attention to the exterior, but apparently, Bailey had!


Throughout service my mind kept drifting back to Colorado, half expecting to see those beautiful mountains as soon as we exited the door.  They were not there, but the consolation prize was that we were able to drive just over an hour away to meet my parents for the hand-off of some children.  There are some major perks to being stationed near family!

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2 Responses to Absolutely surreal…

  1. Shannon Wagner says:

    Yes it does! We visited Chapel Next at Fort Jackson several times (too far of a drive for every Sunday) and we attend the Chapel Next at Fort Carson and we thought the exact same thing when we walked into the one here.

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