Made to Crave: 23 (Italy Conquered)

I just returned from the longest vacation of my entire life!  Seventeen days of pure Italian bliss, lots of walking, eleven cities, and probably more than 3o pizzas, especially considering that to feed my family we need at least two per meal.  And sometimes we had pizza twice a day!

I remember being terrified of this trip.  Scared that I would totally blow my new healthy lifestyle.  I worried that I’d forget all I’ve learned and eat 4000+calories a day and come back totally off the wagon.

As I shared this fear with Aimee over coffee on one of our oh-so-treasured Tuesdays, she shook her head and said, “I really think you will have been doing this long enough by then that you won’t have any trouble staying on target during your Italy trip.”

I didn’t know if I believed her or not, but I decided to trust her.  And when I shared my concern with Matt, who has himself lost 30 pounds, he suggested we take our scales with us.  I thought that was brilliant and was absolutely in favor.  Now, let me stop here and assure you that we are not tied to the scale nor are we so ruled by the numbers that we can’t enjoy ourselves.  We both just really wanted to stay on track during this longer-than-normal vacation and having the scales with us allowed us to do so.  And this had a very strange result… one I completely didn’t expect.  Stepping on the scales each morning made me enjoy the food I ate even more!  Had I been worried throughout the entire trip how I was doing, I would have dreaded each meal and been more uncomfortable than relaxed.  As the trip progressed and I saw the numbers staying the same, I allowed myself gelato every time the family had it!  I had pasta and pizza, and never once at a salad!  So, instead of having the scales tie me down and keep me from enjoying life, it freed me up to enjoy it even more!  If you take a long vacation and choose not to take your scales with you, no big deal.  But Matt and I were very glad we had ours with us and it kept us motivated and yet comforted!

Okay, off the scales for a bit…

On my first run in Rome.

I ran: 7 days
I walked carrying Parker for HOURS equaling a run:  6 days
I burned more calories than I consumed:  14 days
I forgot to track the calories:  1 day

Early morning run around the Vatican. St. Peter’s Square

A run giving me a gorgeous view of Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii

Early morning run in Assisi.

I saw a new number on the third day of my trip, my lowest EVER, but haven’t seen it since.

I woke up my last morning in Venice to beautiful blue skies and was ready and willing to go for a run, but really wanted to sit and watch the water in front of my house, one last morning.  As I slowly woke up I told myself that if the scales matched what I weighed the day I left, I didn’t have to run.  I would count it a treat and stay home, with coffee, watching the Venetian children go to school, the trash boat come by, and the locals head off to work.

I weighed one pound less than the day I left!

And I’ve stayed at that weight since I got back.  I haven’t lost anything in the past three weeks or so, but I have maintained.  I am thrilled at that outcome, though I really do want to hit my final goal before I PCS.

Over the weekend I went shopping for some new clothes in my new size.  I bought my very first pair of size 8 jeans since my 10th grade year in high school!  I also bought 6 shirts in size M!

I could have never endured Italy without the help of the book Made to Crave and the way Lysa TerKeurst shared the information.  My mind and heart needed a new way to look at food, my diet (not the “weight-loss” kind of diet, but the “what goes into my body on a regular basis” kind of diet), and exercise.  I am grateful for her transparency and willingness to share such an intimate side of her life.  It’s given me the courage to share mine.

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