Made to Crave: 24 (skinny people)

Many of my friends are skinny and don’t have to work at it.  They can eat all they want and never gain an ounce.  I envy them.

Today I saw a skinny girl exercising in the gym.  I thought, “GIRRRRLLLL, if I looked like you, I wouldn’t BE at the gym.”  And then it hit me:

A.  That girl is skinny because she’s at the gym and
B.  God doesn’t want me at the gym just to get skinny.

The very thought that I was at the gym to “get” skinny reveals that I still, somewhere under all my new knowledge, think that I’m working to get to a place of peace and then I can stop.  That’s not how this deal is going to work.  This is a forever deal.  A lifelong change.  I must exercise forever.  The doctors don’t say that overweight people are the only ones who are supposed to get exercise several times a week, but that all people are.

The above was written early on in my journey.  Probably sometime in July.  Today is November 8th and my mindset is much more healthy.  I’ve had two more experiences that relate to “skinny people” and I thought I would add them to this post, since they tie in so well.

At the end of tennis season the boys had an end-of-season party at the gym.  Pizza, cup cakes, cokes… you name it.  I didn’t allow myself to have any, though I was a little bitter about it.  About halfway through the night in walked one of those ladies who is an absolute Barbie Doll in real life.  She’s tall, thin, blonde, and has an impeccable fashion sense.  I see her all over town and admire her femininity while knowing that I’ll never be a size zero.  That night at the pizza party I thought, rather bitterly, “She can eat pizza every day if she wants and doesn’t have to bother with it.”  I immediately regretted my thought and readjusted my attitude.  First, I am not supposed to compare myself to others.  I fully believe God mad me just the way I am and I’m supposed to take good care of my body, as it is.  Second, I’m not in highschool… grow up.

Near the end of the night I happened to see her eating her dinner and guess what?!?  She was eating A SALAD!!  Not pizza, cupcakes and coke!  A SALAD!!   I felt the Lord saying, “See?!?  I told you!  Don’t compare yourself to others, and remember that sometimes others have made better choices in life than you have and so therefore they have a different result than you have had!  Make good choices from here on out and I’ll honor your choices… however I choose to do so.”

Okay.  I was adequately reprimanded.

Fast forward several months to this week.  I saw her in the gym last week and I just had to tell her what a motivation it was to see her that night, eating a salad while the rest of the participants ate pizza.  I told her that I thought she was beautiful and that I’ve been working on my diet and exercise habits, and that she had played a small part in my staying motivated.

She was very appreciative and so encouraging.  She told me some of her story and about how she loves to run, but is currently injured, nursing a bad something-or-other.

Know what else she told me?

She has Celiac Disease and can’t eat pizza.  Oh, my whining heart.  I was reminded yet again that I am a blessed individual and have no right to fuss about not getting to eat pizza.  I can eat pizza.  She can’t.  I sometimes choose not to eat it, as a method of maintaining a healthful weight and diet.  She doesn’t get to choose.

Since that moment I’ve found my heart is less bitter… more thankful for my health.  Every now and then we all need a good kick-in-the-pants to straighten our attitudes.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

And because this post has “skinny” in the title, here’s a fantastic fall “skinny” recipe.  I’ve tried it out and it really is awesome!

Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt

Photo taken from the website I referenced in the blog post.

This recipe only has four ingredients and was very easy to make.  I will make this again!

Go to this website to check it out.

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