Bite your tongue…

Have you ever known full well that you weren’t supposed to say something to someone who was bugging you but you did anyway?  As soon as you said it you regretted it.  No? It’s just me, then.

On the morning of my birthday, as I sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a little veg-time, Bailey asked me to make eggs for him.  I said, “Not right now…” and kept vegging.

A few minutes later he said, “Can you teach me how to make eggs?” and I said, “In a minute.”

Five minutes later he said, “Do you think you could make me some eggs?”  He was being persistant, but not pestering, which is a feat for Bailey.  He was doing it very nicely, and I finally agreed.  As I was making them I realized that the making of the eggs wasn’t what I didn’t want to do.  I just really didn’t want to have to wash the pan after
I made the eggs.  (It’s not a dishwasher-safe pan.)  As I scrambled I knew I wasn’t supposed to fuss at Bailey and I even thought to myself, “Don’t let Bailey know that you’re annoyed that you’re having to make his eggs, even though it is your birthday and you really don’t want to be making eggs or washing dishes today.”

However, as soon as he brought me his plate I said, “Bailey, I really didn’t mind making eggs for you.  What I didn’t want to have to do was wash the pan.  I have to wash it by hand.”

He said thank you for the eggs and walked out of the room.

I washed the pan.

A few minutes later he returns with a ceramic plate (instead of the plastic one I had put the eggs on for him) and handed me the breakfast he had “made” for me:

As he handed me the plate he said, “Happy Birthday!  Sorry I made you wash the pan.”

Oh, my soul… I just wanted to crumble.  But I didn’t.  I hugged him, made a big deal about the breakfast and told him that I was sorry for fussing about the pan.  He was unscathed and I am thankful for his sweet spirit that seriously didn’t deflate with my whining.

I ate what I could of the breakfast, which I had made “Bailey-sized” since he eats so much. I then asked if he could possibly finish it for me, which he had no trouble doing.  Oh, and the syrup… we both love syrup on our eggs and bacon but he wasn’t sure how much I liked, which is why he put it in a bowl!  So thoughtful.

So, next time you feel that you’re supposed to bite your tongue, learn from me and just do it!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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6 Responses to Bite your tongue…

  1. Kellie says:

    Oh, my! My friend, Michelle, gave me your blog info, and I have been following you….we are soon to PCS to Germany as well 🙂 I have three boys, and this so brought tears to my eyes!! They can be so aggravating at times, but they all have such a sweet heart in their own way. This was a great reminder for me to be patient with them. Thank you so much for your posts 🙂 ~Kellie

  2. Tracy Byrd says:

    So sweet. I love my girls and they are all precious but there is just something about the sweetness of my boys.

  3. Pam M. says:

    So sweet!! So so sweet! Can I please repost this blog in mine tonight?

  4. Pam M. says:

    Reblogged this on Sunroof of My Heart and commented:
    My dear friend Jennifer has done it again! I love reading her posts because I relate to her so much. This one was so touching and such a good reminder to me of my call to mothering.

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