December 2021 – Catch-all

December was a very full month for the Ham-Fam, from Disney World to Matt’s promotion to having a household of 10 for a week. That doesn’t even include Christmas!

This post is going to be a catchall of fun things that December 2021 held!


The day after Matt’s promotion I flew to Wilmington, North Carolina to surprise Aimee for her birthday!

We had every intention of just sitting on her couch talking and drinking coffee the whole time but Cory had another surprise for both of us! At dinner he gifted us with a night in a hotel! That meant Aimee was able to get away from all the things that moms have to do if they are in the house. We had an ocean view and slept very well! I thought the sign in the bathroom was funny considering we had TWO fire alarms that went off while we were trying to play a card game! We were very disturbed!


Some new friends invited Anna and me to go ice skating at Industry City (a place I’ve become very fond of lately). We had a blast and found that this rink was higher quality and the skates more comfortable than those at the Prospect Park ice skating rink.


Written on 3-26-22 and backdating to 12-23-21.

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