Christmas 2021

Our Christmas was precious. We spent the day together, opened gifts, watched a movie at home, then went to see a movie in the theater (my first since COVID hit).

My mom had given us this Mickey ornament and after searching through Disney World and not finding an ornament we liked better, we decided to call this our official 2021 Family Ornament.

We always start our Christmas morning in our bedroom reading the birth story in Luke. We then sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before Matt and I go downstairs to get in place. The kids then come and break through a wrapping paper wall. (This year I was out of Christmas paper so I had to use new baby paper! Kind of fitting!)

It was the year of the Unicorn!

Anna showing Liana her new apron and oven mitt set. (Yes, Liana was “with us” as we opened gifts.)

Gifts from Mama Kim and Anna’s siblings

Matt – Dundie Award; Hayden – Basquiat book; Carson – new shoes (that he could pick out); Bailey – shirt from Ashley; Parker – a new Pinwheel phone.

In the back of my mind was the knowledge that this was likely our last Christmas with all seven of us together in the same room. Bittersweet…

And one more picture because it’s funny:

Written on 3-26-2022 and backdating to 12-25-2021.

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