Ice Skating at Rockefeller Rink

I finally got to use my childhood ice skating lessons!

Sunday Matt and I took the littles ice skating at the most iconic skating rink in the world (not a data-driven fact). It was everything I had hoped for – it definitely met my expectations.

Parker had the most determination I’ve ever seen in him. Skating did not get easier for him as time passed and falling never felt good, but he got up every single time and kept on going. Even when I asked him twice if he would like to go sit with Matt he said no and kept on trying his best. (Matt was watching from the sidelines because I didn’t buy a ticket for him… he needs to NOT be broken right now with a calendar full of work trips coming up. He was disappointed but he survived.)

We got our skates on and there was no looking back. No time to teach them any technique. In fact, I couldn’t remember the technique to tell them so we just played it by ear. A few laps around the rink and I was able to recall some of the tips and tricks I had been taught when I was younger than Parker. I was not graceful for a single minute but I was able to skate forward, backward, and use three different footing techniques to assist the kids when necessary. Oh, and I was able to stay upright when flailing arms grabbed at me for support.

About the fourth lap Anna was pretty much on her own. We had declined the Penguin skate-assistant because it was an additional $25 and I’m so glad we did! My philosophy is similar to the life vest… I want a non-swimmer to be in the water as often as possible without the vest to learn how to swim. (Obviously, there are times life vests are necessary and very useful tools… but they can delay the skill of learning to swim.)

Anna would not have done nearly as well if she were trying to push around that penguin! She really wanted one, though. But as I watched the other moms have to help their kids (most older than Anna) move the thing I was reassured that we had made the right choice.

So, please forgive my shaky filming, the constantly moving camera, and me laughing at my kids in this five minute video from Rockefeller Rink.

We were right there so we had to go into FAO Schwarz.

Overlooking the Rink from inside FAO:

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