Tomorrow our little one turns five!

I have never met a little girl like Anna-girl. She is so full of life and energy that we find ourselves constantly amazed by her.

We are never bored.

She has an appetite that is comparable to her big brothers’ and enjoys almost almost everything. She needs to move her body all day, thus the trampoline in her room. Anna is the smartest thing and we’re told that by all who interact with her. (We take it for granted because we’re with her all the time, but her teacher and those who volunteer with the kids at our church tell us frequently.) She’s blunt and not really concerned too much about being overheard, so we’re working on asking questions about confusing situations once we are alone, but I guess that’s a normal five-year-old skill. She has a heart for the homeless of the city and is not afraid to walk up to them and give them a granola bar, which we carry with us for this purpose. You should see the smiles she gets from those on the receiving end.

Anna loves the water… she would swim in the pool right now if they let her. “Play baths” are sufficient in the meantime. Some of her favorite foods include:

  • apple slices with cookie butter;
  • bananas with cookie butter;
  • fruit or yogurt pouches;
  • fruit cups;
  • granola-bar apple-sauce sandwich (another Anna original);
  • pretty much any dinner I make;
  • pretty much any lunch they serve at school (they comment on her good appetite);
  • oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon;
  • cucumbers with ketchup, (I’m not joking.);

She drinks water exclusively (by mom’s choice) though she will never turn down a little of brothers’ spicy drinks if offered!

Anna knows all her letters and can spell some things, though I have not taught her this skill. It’s actually something she taught herself… and as far as I know, MOMMY was her first word besides her name that she spelled. She counts like a pro and is doing basic mental math as we play.

Speaking of playing… she has now taken to playing “Ticket to Ride” with us, picking the color cards, paying for her tickets using the color cards, and placing the trains on the tracks. I do the strategy for her, and she really holds her own! Before long she’ll have that game figured out and I’ll have more competition.

Anna adores her school and her teachers. They fill her with so much joy. I think I’ve said it before, she may be the one Hamrick Kid who asks to go to “real school” and I’m preparing myself for that possibility. Might break my heart, but then again, seeing her interact with those teachers and her classmates every day is perfect. We’ll see…

Per Hamrick Household Rules, nap time is still at thing around here. Mommy needs it more than anyone, though I never nap. I use that time to do whatever task needs done. Sometimes it’s lesson planning, grading, cleaning, prepping for dinner, getting groceries. Today, though, I watched the last episode of On Pointe and played a new-to-me form of solitaire. (I recently listened to Episode 293 of Don’t Mom Alone which really gave me permission to take occasional days like this. I thrive off of and love productivity but every now and then a good solitaire session is refreshing.) During that time Anna is in her room playing with her books or toys, jumping on the trampoline or singing along with her Tonies.

SPEAKING OF TONIES!! PLEASE CHECK THESE OUT! If you want your kid to have access to stories and songs but don’t want them to have a CD player or a device with a screen, a TonieBox is the way to go. I wish they had a referral system because I’d be all on that!

Wait…. Hold the presses…


If you think you may be interested in one of these, use my link! I may be able to earn more Tonies!

She got a TonieBox and six Tonies for Christmas. One of them is a “creative” which allows me to put my own songs or stories on it. I put the “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” song on it, as well as my voice saying, “Your birthday is January 23rd, Carson’s is…” and so on, so she can start learning all of our birthdays. I also sang the two bedtime songs she loves. Best idea ever and it’s Anna-proof!

For her Fifth Birthday she’s chosen to repeat the Olaf theme, which is fitting, as she was born during a snowstorm. Per COVID regs we are only having one family over to celebrate, a vast difference from last year’s Olaf Birthday. The little girl in their family is in Anna’s class at school, so they already share germs. HAHA! Also, the brothers play together frequently. They’re sort of in our “COVID bubble” if you will.

I’m going to close now, as nap time is almost over (sometimes I blog during nap time) but I do not want to fly past this day (I’m writing this the day before her birthday… the day Mama Kim went into labor). I remember this vividly because we were in Virginia just waiting for Anna to make her appearance. You can read my post about waiting for her here. I just want to recognize this day. A child’s birthday is always a big deal and a child is never born with out a woman giving birth. We generally celebrate the child who was born and the past year they’ve lived, and rightfully so, but there’s a mama there, too, who was there for the nine months as well as labor and delivery. She matters so very much to our family. She’s not just Anna’s “birth” mother. She’s her first mother, and we use that language because it indicates the order… Kimberly was the first mama, I was the second one. But the first didn’t get erased by the second. I have five children. The first wasn’t erased by the second. The second wasn’t erased by the third and so on. Mama Kim is and always will be Mama Kim. Anna’s mom. Anna has two moms and on this, “go to the hospital” day, I remember and honor Mama Kim.

Anna’s two moms.
1-22-2016 ~ Being moved from the waiting room to a room they had set aside for us to welcome Anna.
Matt holding Anna and the boys can’t get enough.

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4 Responses to Tomorrow our little one turns five!

  1. Sheri says:

    Happy 5th Birthday, Anna!! We love you!

  2. Jamie Lamson says:

    Oh, this is so beautiful!

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