Rainy Day Hack

I come from a place where we don’t battle rainy days. We let them win. We cancel outdoor plans or have a back-up activity. If things are still wet from a previous rain, we steer clear of outside activities until things dry up.

I think there are two major contributing factors to this mindset.

  1. Charlotte isn’t known for being particularly rainy so giving up a handful of days to sit inside and play board games, read, or watch TV is not a big loss. It’s kind of cozy, actually. (Especially since Charlotte gets a pitifully small amount of snowfall each year. We have to take our cozy-days however we can get them.)
  2. Charlotte isn’t a public transportation city. Yes, I know. Charlotte has public transportation but no one near where I grew up uses it. Most families have cars and drive themselves from their garage to their destination and then right back home. On rainy days people fight extra hard for parking spaces near the building and make hilarious runs for the door, getting wetter by splashing than they would have by walking.

When we moved to Germany one very obvious difference in Germans and Americans is that Germans don’t let the weather keep them inside. Rain, snow, mud… they’re out there getting their walk in. I love this!

When Anna started going to hourly care her teachers told me that we’d need to buy “mud pants” for Anna. I had no clue what they were so they showed me a pair that belonged to another child. I ordered a pair on Amazon.de and we have LOVED having those pants. Yesterday I found myself telling a friend in the states about these pants and realized that most American parents probably don’t know anything about them.

They allow Anna to go outside when it’s raining or muddy and still be able to play. Swings wet? No problem! Slide wet? No problem!

They have stirrups to keep the legs in place and shoulder straps like ski-bibs to keep them up.

We also have a pair ski pants that Anna wears outside on colder days so she has two pairs of mud pants… a cold-weather pair and a warm-weather pair. She also has an actual snow suit that she wears in the snow.

We take both kinds of pants with us when we go sight-seeing. A grouchy toddler/preschooler can take the fun out of just about any activity so dressing her for the weather extends the amount of time she’s able to tolerate being in yucky weather.

You may be able to find these in sports stores but I don’t remember ever seeing these when we were in the states. Here’s a link to a pair by Playshoes. Please let me know if you click the link and they aren’t available. I’ll update with a new link as needed.
(No affiliate links.)

Here’s the pair we actually have by Lego (probably not available in the states). It says the color is red but it’s hot pink all day long.

And I think the cold-weather pair we have was given to Anna because I don’t see it in our Amazon orders. Here’s an example of what we have.

So… there’s my hack. Need your kid to go outside but it’s wet from yesterday’s rain? MUD PANTS!! Buy them!

Here’s Anna wearing her warm-weather snow pants. (She was crying because her feet were cold… she played in the sand barefooted.)

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