What we will miss: 14 – My fields.

This was 1 year ago today: High Waters in Venice,close to the end of the perfect vacation.


I don’t really like running in cities.  I don’t like having to stop at lights or crossing streets. I prefer paths where I only meet other runners or people out walking their dogs.  I can get completely lost in a podcast or audio travel guide talking about places I am going to see when I don’t have to watch for cars.

Those are the reasons why I typically pick the fields to run in.  Here’s the most common loop I do, however now that I’m trying to get more mileage in, I’m having to get creative.

No matter where I go, the first mile I run is always in the city.  I do my best to finish my run so that I can walk back home through the city.  I like to end my run while still in the fields so I can enjoy the views.  That is getting much…

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2 Responses to What we will miss: 14 – My fields.

  1. On my list of “what we will miss” in Germany, this is my one and only entry. It is the ONLY pro in the pro-Germany column.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’d love to see what strange things you miss a year from now. I won’t tell you there’ll be a lot of things since you didn’t love it while you are there, but I bet there will be some things you look back and think, “Huh… I didn’t know I’d miss that.” Like maybe the church bells. Last Thursday we were on a homeschool field trip to a big church downtown (where they brought the pumpkins in for a pumpkin “patch”) and I heard the distinct sound of church bells in the distance. I thought, “Aww.. I haven’t thought about church bells in so long. How neat of Killeen to have a church that has bells ringing.” About the time I finished my thought the woman leading the kids through the patch said, “Oh. My phone is ringing.”

      It was so quiet and distant that I thought it was real bells. (What’s sad is that I have that used ringtone as an alarm in the past. I should have recognized it. 🙂 )

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