Kaputt knee

I am doing my best to be a patient patient as I wait for my knee to heal.

Last Wednesday (the 16th of January) I was doing Insanity when I felt a pain in my knee that I’ve never felt before.  I decided to skip a few of the harder exercises on the DVD in favor of some other, less jarring ones.  By that evening I could not lift my leg onto the bed without excruciating pain.

The next day I was down with a mild stomach bug.  This bug kept me from feeling the urge to work out on the bad knee, but it also made it hard to get in the proper position for puking… something I only did once, thankfully.

By Friday I was still weak from my stomach bug and didn’t try running as a result of that, but I also felt my knee wasn’t quite right.  Monday I had had all the waiting I could endure so I tried my knee out for a short 2.5 miles.  It did great, though I still had trouble with any motion other than walking/running.  Going up or down stairs was torture, lifting my leg and having to support the bottom half of my leg while climbing in bed was horrible.

Tuesday I enjoyed a longer run, 4.5 miles of glorious running and loved every minute of it.  There.  I said it.  I’ve been thinking it for some time now but haven’t been willing to admit it publicly… I’ve gotten to where I love running and miss it when I can’t.  Sue me.


My knee, once again, did great and I had no trouble during the run and nothing seemed worse for wear afterwards.  But I put an all-call on Facebook and without question, my friends said to have my bum knee checked out.  My appointment is this upcoming Thursday and I’m looking at all those who are running and finding myself a bit jealous.

I’ve literally had dreams where I was running and in no pain.  I guess I’m a little worried they’re going to tell me my running days are over, just as I was starting to enjoy them.

So that’s what’s up on the running front.  I had almost decided to try to run a half-marathon with Matt in the spring, but only almost decided.

My brother and I are also trying to work out some sort of deal so that he and his wife, along with me and Matt, can run a race together while we’re stationed here in SC.  (Nana, be prepared… there may be some begging or pleading from your children regarding possible childcare arrangements…  Consider yourself forewarned.)

But if my knee…

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6 Responses to Kaputt knee

  1. Rebecca Alwine says:

    Hopefully it is not too serious. I’ve had two injuries over the past 12 months that had me take a break from running and i came back stronger than ever. You will prevail! There are also numerous things you can do to keep your endurance and strength up while taking a break from running, if necessary. I’d be happy to share ideas with you, if you need them.

  2. Joleen says:

    I have been forewarned and up for the challenge. What a fun thing to work towards.

  3. I hope your knee is okay.

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